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The story behind Javier Fernández ‘The goal singer’

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The story behind Javier Fernández ‘The goal singer’


Javier comes from a large family with a particularity in which the famous saying can be applied: “yours, mine, and ours”, his father marries his mother, and she has four children; From this union of which Javier is the fruit, there are five, and then his father had three more.

Despite being brothers from different unions, they are all very close, thanks to the values, affection and love that their parents instilled in each of them, they have made these very strong ties as a family.

“That was a blessing, because we were always close all our lives. There was never a problem between us, because my father and my mother achieved that union. We all love each other and help each other as much as possible,” she says.

The beginnings of Javier Fernández

Life showed a new direction to Javier, At the age of 14 he moved to the city of Cali for his father’s work reasons, leaving behind his beloved and quiet Florida; Getting to settle in the ‘Heaven Branch’ was at a different price.

“We moved to Cali with a unique sadness at that time, because people lived very richly in Florida and very relaxed, very calm, and then things obviously changed and took a radical turn,” he remembers.

In this new land, His family suffered from financial difficulties, but still and with great determination, Javier continued his school studies; thanks also to the practice of basketball, a sport in which he excelled and allowed him access to educational scholarships.

“Thanks to basketball I got scholarships to be able to study, because the talk at home was not enough, but at that time they gave it in schools and universities, and thanks to that, I was able to study my high school without my dad – thank God – had to pay a peso. That was a relief, and all thanks to sport,” he says.

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Many believe that Fernández did his related studies in areas of communication, but this story is different, He graduated as a lawyer from the Santiago de Cali University, since at that time, the educational offer in communications was very scarce. Javier never litigated, he enjoyed studying law, also because it helped him develop those skills of expression that later helped him to be the great storyteller he is today, but he recognizes that he would not have been a good defender: “I don’t get even one child from a cradle,” he said, laughing.

She has had a vocation for narrating and commenting since she can remember; Since he was six years old, he narrated and commented on soccer games with his friends., I knew that I always had a pretty voice; He believes with great conviction that it is a gift that God has given him to pave his path.

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