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Titan Plaza clarifies the theft inside its bathrooms

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Titan Plaza clarifies the theft inside its bathrooms

After the police arrived at the scene and the victim found no solutions, he requested the video from the shopping center to identify the subject; However, this was denied from Titan Plaza.

Titan Plaza’s response to the events

The shopping center, through a statement released to the media, assured that the incident did occur, but was emphatic that the theft was not carried out with a firearm or sharp knife, and also commented:

“This day we received a request from a young man who commented that in one of our bathrooms, his jacket was stolen after he left it aside while he washed his face, thus presenting a case of tickling. Once the case was known, the “Titan Plaza security personnel acted immediately, thus receiving support from the police; the security cameras located outside the bathrooms were reviewed, however, no action was evident that indicated any alert.”

Regarding the young man’s request to reveal the video where the alleged thief appears, Titan explains:

“It should be noted that we do not have security cameras installed inside our bathrooms to protect the privacy of our visitors.”

Finally, they call on citizens in general to be attentive to their belongings.

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