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Transformation must “prepare the Belgian army for conflicts in the coming years”

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The transformation that the Belgian army is undertaking should prepare Defense “for a possible conflict in the coming years”. The “patron” of the army, Admiral Michel Hofman, said this on Wednesday during a meeting with some journalists at the general staff in Brussels. The Chief of Defense (CHOD) is concerned about the deterioration of the general security situation in the world.

During the interview, Hofman underlined that he feared that the army’s adjustment to the new geostrategic situation in the world (with the war in Ukraine, the increasing influence of China, the growing number of hybrid threats, etc.) is “not happening fast enough”. to meet future security challenges.

“What worries me is whether the transformation of the military will be ready in time for future potential conflicts or crises in the coming years,” Hofman said. “I don’t know when” that will be.

More robust

Admiral Hofman said that he must ensure that Defense is “more robust” in the future, with the modernization programs that have already been initiated and that, in preparation, will be submitted to the future government(s). The future division of tasks and risk spreading will be done in consultation with NATO and the EU partners, which is common in our country’s foreign policy.

According to Hofman, a “derailment” of the situation in Ukraine cannot be ruled out. Everything depends on the “intentions” of the Russian leadership whether it “wants to do something against Europe” and NATO territory, he said.

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