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United Nations Headquarters holds Spring Festival Gala – China Daily

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“United Nations Celebrates Spring Festival with Cultural Gala and Art Exhibition”

China Daily, New York, February 9 – The United Nations Headquarters in New York was filled with festivities as it hosted a Spring Festival Gala and an art exhibition to welcome the Year of the Dragon. The event was attended by prominent officials including Ambassador Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, and Li Junhua, Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations.

The “Dragon Soaring Around the World, Welcoming the New Year Together” exhibition, organized by the United Nations China Calligraphy Society, showcased a unique blend of traditional Chinese culture and global artistic elements. It featured paintings that depicted the Chinese dragon combined with elements of various cultures, including intangible cultural heritage, landmarks, food culture, and myths.

Ambassador Zhang Jun highlighted the significance of the Spring Festival being listed as a United Nations holiday, emphasizing the importance of diversity and inclusion. He expressed his wish for the Year of the Dragon to bring good luck and strength to everyone and to promote peace and prosperity worldwide.

Fleming, deputy secretary-general for global communications, shared her enthusiasm for the exhibition, particularly appreciating the unique piece “Arowana Chips” created by a British painter, which she described as a creative combination of traditional Chinese culture and British food.

Abilian, Under-Secretary-General for General Assembly Affairs, emphasized the role of culture in promoting mutual learning and understanding. He described the dragon as a symbol of courage and strength, qualities that are essential in facing today’s challenges, and also as a symbol of good luck and fortune, which the world is eagerly anticipating.

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The event underscored the celebration and appreciation of cultural diversity at the United Nations, further fostering understanding and communication among different cultures. It was truly a showcase of the global integration of Chinese traditional culture with diverse cultural elements from around the world, promoting a shared vision of unity and harmony among nations.

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