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Zhou Xiaohui: Zhang Gaoli is not the only high-ranking official of the Chinese Communist Party who has become famous around the world due to the scandal | Jiang Zemin | Epoch Times

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[Epoch Times November 16, 2021]Since early November, the Chinese tennis star exposed that he was sexually assaulted by Zhang Gaoli, former Vice Premier of the State Council, and then became innocent. The exposure rate has increased dramatically. What embarrassed Zhang and the CCP was that on November 14, the International Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) issued a statement in which its chairman and chief executive Steve Simon called for the The allegations of sexual assault by the Chinese (CPC) leader (Zhang Gaoli) shall be investigated in a comprehensive, fair and transparent manner”, and the investigation “must be comprehensive, fair, transparent and free from censorship.” Subsequently, including former world tennis star Navratilova and others also publicly expressed support for Peng Shuai.

Since Peng Shuai’s exposure of Zhang Gaoli’s scandal is not simple, it’s not clear whether there is also an invisible hand behind the WTA’s statement. However, regardless of whether it is ignored or not, the WTA’s statement makes Zhang Gaoli and the CCP’s face. In the absence of light, Zhang and the CCP are silent and unable to respond. It is not the best time to deal with Peng Shuai. They can probably only complain secretly.

However, Zhang Gaoli is not the only high-ranking official of the Chinese Communist Party who has become famous around the world due to the scandal. I think that the scandal exposed by Jiang Zemin back then not only shocked the Chinese people, but also shocked many foreigners. I remember that every time I talked to foreigners in Jiang, they knew about some of his scandals, and they couldn’t help laughing whenever they mentioned them, saying “I think he is sick” and “not a normal person.”

According to the book “Jiang Zemin and His People”, after Jiang Zai became the general secretary, he turned almost every visit to theatrical performance and show. The book counts some of Jiang’s international ugliness. For example, when King Carlos of Spain asked him to inspect the guard of honor in 1996, Jiang suddenly took out a comb and combed his hair. In the evening at the state welcome banquet, Jiang Zemin sat on the right side of the queen and combed her hair again in front of the camera. The next day, Spain’s largest newspaper “National Daily” and many other newspapers published news pictures on the front page, “King Carlos watched Jiang Zemin comb his hair”. Soon, many newspapers around the world carried out reprints.

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During his visit to the Philippines in 1996, Jiang took the initiative to abandon the dispute over the sovereignty of the Nansha Islands and jointly carry out economic development. That night, Philippine President Ramos hosted a banquet for Jiang on the yacht. Jiang improvised and sang an Elvis Presley’s “Love Me Tenderly”. As the highest leader of a country, the song was very cheap and somewhat unreasonable.

On October 24, 1999, when Jiang was visiting a museum in France, on a whim, taking advantage of French President Chirac’s unpreparedness, he took the hand of Chirac’s wife Benadette and danced the waltz. This incident made Chirac very unhappy, thinking it embarrassed himself.

When Jiang visited Turkey on April 19, 2000, Turkish President Demirel awarded Jiang a medal. Jiang didn’t wait for the president to wear it for himself, and took the first step. He picked up the medal and put it on himself, which stunned the guests and hosts present.

On February 21, 2002, Jiang hosted a banquet in the Great Hall of the People to welcome US President Bush. Jiang sang a song “My Sun” in front of more than a hundred guests present. Bush immediately applauded and half-jokingly asked Secretary of State Bauer to sing a serenade. Bauer politely smiled and refused.

In the same year, when Jiang was visiting Iceland, in the middle of the dinner, Jiang suddenly stood up and sang, which made the guests and hosts be surprised. Jiang’s wife, Wang Yeping, had a very embarrassing facial expression at the time, and the whole scene was reported in detail in large color photos by Iceland’s largest daily newspaper.

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In addition, there are videos of Jiang Fabiao scolding Hong Kong reporters and so on. Jiang’s ugly attitude at home and abroad has not only become the laughing stock of the international community, but also lost the face of the Chinese people and made the Chinese very disgusted. It is not surprising that Jiang has the title of “Jiang Opera” in the world.

In addition to Jiang’s ugly attitudes exposed on various important occasions, which are widely known to the international community, Jiang’s lewdness and Jiang’s corruption are also notorious at home and abroad.

As the “world’s most greedy” Jiang family, under the leadership of Jiang Zemin’s two sons Jiang Mianheng, Jiang Miankang, and grandson Jiang Zhicheng, relying on Jiang’s power, making a fortune in a muffled voice, grabbed an incalculable wealth. In 2018, overseas Chinese rich man Guo Wengui broke the news that after investigation by his own professional team, it has been confirmed that the Jiang Zemin family is the world’s richest man, and that the assets of “Pirate the Country” controlled by the family are as high as US$500 billion (approximately RMB 4 trillion), including Funds, stocks, banks, trusts, energy stocks, technology stocks, gold futures, real estate, overseas holding companies, offshore companies, etc. The assets are held by his grandson Jiang Zhicheng on behalf of the Jiang family. The inside story is “horrifying.”

As for the degree of female sexuality, Jiang Zemin is equally unbearable compared with Zhang Gaoli and the private lives of many high-ranking CCP officials, both exposed and unexposed. His mistress list includes Soviet female spies, former Minister of Education Chen Zhili, former Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Huang Liman, CCTV broadcaster Li Ruiying, and singer Song Zuying. One of the most “dominant” is Song Zuying, and his “mother of the country” status has long been a joke among Chinese people after dinner.

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As early as 2004, Lu Jiaping, who had passed away, wrote a letter to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, deputies to the National People’s Congress, and members of the CPPCC, requesting to investigate some things and rumors he had heard about Jiang. The letter talked about Jiang and Song Zu in detail. The scandals between Britain, including how Jiang stuffed Song Zuying a note, how to divorce Song, how to secretly commit adultery with Song, how to use the national treasury to organize Song’s concerts in Vienna and Sydney, and how to embezzle naval military expenses for Song Zuying’s musicals. And how to spend 3 billion yuan to build the National Grand Theater to please Song.

In addition, Jiang has been prosecuted in many countries for persecuting Falun Gong, which is even rarer in the world. Indeed, which country’s leader in the world is so stinking?

Compared with the notorious Jiang Zemin and Zhang Gaoli, Xu Caihou, Guo Boxiong, Gu Junshan, Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai, Sun Lijun, Fu Zhenghua, who were corrupt, accepted bribes, abused their powers, and had many mistresses, were less well-known internationally. , But it is also notorious in Chinese circles at home and abroad. Some of them have also been registered in courts in other countries.

Don’t want to know it, just want to be surprised. How can China truly develop under the rule of such a group of moralists? How can morality be improved? How can the international community respect it? It is no wonder that many countries in the world, especially Western society, have a worsening perception and impression of China and the CCP. It is the evil CCP system that makes Jiang, Zhang and other senior CCP officials unscrupulous. Therefore, eradicating the CCP is the top priority.

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