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Among alpha animals at the Füchse Berlin

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Among alpha animals at the Füchse Berlin

As a 30-year-old coach without a big name, how do you actually cope next to, or better yet, under two such handball influencers? Jaron Siewert has heard this question a hundred times. But he doesn’t roll his eyes when he answers them or talk off-screen about how complicated it is when the superiors are called Stefan Kretzschmar and Bob Hanning. As is typical of him, he objectifies the whole thing and explains how much he could learn from the two of them.

One point that the calm Berliner also likes is that he doesn’t have to worry about public relations: “Kretsche&Bob”, the sports director and the managing director of Füchse Berlin, take care of that. Siewert’s universe is handball and only handball.

How coolly he led his team through the heated, exciting game at SG Flensburg-Handewitt on Sunday afternoon was something of a master coach: his Foxes were ahead for almost the entire game. Then, under opposition pressure, they threw away four balls and seemed to stumble into defeat. But when Flensburg didn’t snap, Siewert’s seven used the last attack to make it 31:31 with one second left through the previously hapless Lasse Andersson.

The opponent also pays respect

Two passes in dire need, a duel won exactly where Flensburg showed defensive weaknesses, a throw just before the siren: it was rehearsed and played to the point that Flensburg later paid respect. Berlin had defended its lead in the table, but afterwards wasn’t entirely happy with the result: “There’s a bit of dissatisfaction,” said Siewert, “because I think we were the better team from the start.”

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Unhappy with a draw in Hell North? Something has happened with the foxes. This is proven by Captain Paul Drux’s statements on the streaming service “Dyn”: “Two or three years ago we were disturbed by noise. We made up for that with experience. That was definitely an important step towards the championship.” “Noise” referred to the noise in the hall and two video evidence that the prudent referee pair Schulze/Tönnies took to defuse controversial scenes in the final quarter of an hour. Neither whistles nor breaks threw Berlin off course. With 13 laps to go they are getting closer to the title they long for.

The Foxes have neither the largest hall nor the highest budget. Siewert has to manage a small group; Goalkeeper Milosavljev, defense chief Marsenic and the backcourt players Mathias Gidsel and Lasse Andersson are his framework. When it became clear before the season how small the Foxes pack would be, Siewert could have protested loudly and publicly in the direction of Kretzschmar and Hanning. But he didn’t. He takes what he gets and makes the most of it. This type of work ensures his livelihood in Berlin alongside his colorful bosses.

It’s not like it’s uncontroversial. When the Berliners lost games against middle-class teams in the last second half of the season and thus lost sight of their goals, Siewert wobbled. Names of his possible successor were circulating. The pressure was considerable in the spring a year ago, as the foxes had strengthened themselves well. Outwardly unimpressed, Siewert then navigated his team through the final round of the European League in Flensburg and lifted the trophy at the end of May. Mission accomplished. Proven stability. Increased authority – which is also very important internally when you have strong characters in the team.

Now the next step should follow. The Foxes and Siewert have given up their reserve. “We have a good mix of young and experienced, world stars and team players. We don’t have any problems with a bad start to the season and we’ve gotten through it really well so far. That’s what defines us,” says Siewert. From a German perspective, it is pleasing that he has made director Nils Lichtlein a regular player – goalkeeper Lasse Ludwig has also announced a nomination for the national team.

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SC Magdeburg faces a difficult challenge on the way to its first championship; The foxes will compete there on March 10th. Siewert enthuses: “The SCM plays great handball. They make up for a lot with the breadth of the squad. The processes are right and they have done it very well for years now.” The performances against Kiel and in Hanover can also become stumbling blocks. But with a big lead over Flensburg and the THW, at least second place with participation in the Champions League is almost certain – and with it considerable income, which would give the Foxes more financial freedom.

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