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Barcelona Preview: Injuries + Suspension + New Crown Truce

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Original title: Barcelona prospect: injury + suspension + new crown truce, numerous Harvey difficult to determine the lineup

At 4 o’clock in the morning on January 3, Beijing time, the 19th round of the 21/22 season La Liga will usher in a highlight. At the Mallorca Sightseeing Stadium, Barcelona will play away against the newly promoted Mallorca.

Confrontation record

In the history of La Liga, the two teams have faced each other 58 times. Barcelona won 35 wins, 1 tie and 13 losses, and scored 121 to 62 goals. In the away game, Barcelona won 16 wins, 3 draws and 10 losses, with a goal score of 52 to 31. Barcelona’s last loss to Mallorca dates back to the 36th round of the 08/09 season, when Barcelona lost 1-2 away.

Barcelona desperately needs victory to hit the top four

Before the Christmas holiday, Barcelona scored 28 points in 18 games, ranking 7th. But compared to the Champions League, Barcelona is actually only 2 points behind. As long as a victory, Barcelona have a chance to hit the top four. The sooner Barcelona returns to the top four, the more stable the players will be. However, Barcelona’s away record this season is very mediocre. In the first 8 away games, Barcelona’s record is only 1 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses, with 10 to 11 goals.

Barcelona loses soldiers

The biggest problem for Barcelona today is the lack of sufficient manpower. Barcelona already lacked Mesozoic players, and now injuries, suspensions and the new crown make it difficult for Harvey to even rank in the starting lineup. Barcelona is currently infected with the new crown on a large scale, and Durst, Dembele, Alves, Coutinho, Alba, Garvey, Bald and Abde are all positive for the new crown. In addition, Busquets has a total of 5 yellow cards suspended. Depay, Fati, Brethwaite, Pedri and Serge Roberto are all recovering from their injuries, while Ferran Torres has not yet been able to register. Harvey is now really a clever woman who can hardly cook without rice. All he can do is to continue to turn to the La Masia youth academy.

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Double Stars of Japan and South Korea Join Forces Again

In the first half of the season, Mallorca had a 2-1 turnaround and beat Atletico Madrid. At that time, “Korea Messi” Lee Kangren sent an assist, and “Japan Messi” Kubo Jianying came off the bench and scored a lore goal. Today, the Japanese and South Korean double stars are expected to once again jointly send a brilliant performance against Barcelona. It needs to be pointed out that when he was a teenager, Kenei Kubo became famous in La Masia. But he eventually chose to join Real Madrid, he is a traitor in the eyes of Barcelona fans.

Pre-match remarks

Xavi (Barça coach): I am still optimistic about Dembele’s contract extension because I think I can get happiness in Barcelona that I can’t get anywhere. Barcelona is the most beloved club in the world, and the future of the competitive level is more important than the economic level. I have already told Dembele about these ideas. Renewing the contract is very difficult, but negotiations are still ongoing, and I remain optimistic. His agent is not clear about the situation, I have communicated with Dembele again, let’s wait and see. I am not frustrated. Although there is still a big gap to reach an agreement, I hope he can stay.

Barcelona big list

Goalkeepers: Ter Stegen, Neto, Inyaki-Pegna

Defenders: Pique, Araujo, Langley, Minguesa, Umtiti, Eric Garcia, Comas, Gillette

Midfielder: Phuket, Frankie De Jong, Nico, Alvaro Sanz, Estanes, Mika Malmo

Forwards: Luc De Jong, Utegra, Ahomach, De Vega

Predicted starter

Mallorca (4-2-3-1): Reina/Maffeo, Sedra, Volent, Kwame-Costa/Galareta, Baba/Kubo Jianying, Li Kangren, Dani- Rodriguez/Angel

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Barcelona (4-3-3): Ter Stegen/Araujo, Pique, Eric Garcia, Mingesa/Frankie De Jong, Nico, Phuket/Ahomac Utegra, Luc De JongReturn to Sohu to see more


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