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Beijing Winter Olympics will be the first “Olympics on the Cloud”-Industry Observation-Market Information Network

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The Beijing Winter Olympics will be the first “Olympics on the Cloud”

Market Information Network 2022-01-05 17:34:48 Source: People’s Daily Online Comment:

Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, January 4 (Reporter Cui Shuang) On January 4, 30 days before the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Yu Hong, director of the Technology Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said that the core information system of the Beijing Winter Olympics has To achieve 100% operation on Alibaba Cloud, it is a solid preparation for the upcoming Winter Olympics.

It is reported that the Beijing Winter Olympics has completed this historic migration project, migrating the core Olympic Games results, event broadcast, information release, athlete arrivals and departures, medical care, accommodation, transportation, and other information systems to Alibaba Cloud.

This is the first time in the history of the Olympic Games that traditional IT has been replaced by cloud computing to carry the organization and operation of the Olympics.

In the past, each Olympic Games required repeated construction of traditional IT machine rooms and demolished them after short-term use in the event. After going to the cloud, the cost of IT infrastructure has dropped significantly, and the application development and deployment process has been shortened.

Going to the cloud is also one of the important measures for the Green Winter Olympics. Compared with the traditional computer room, the Winter Olympic Cloud Data Center in Zhangbei uses natural air cooling, immersion liquid cooling, and intelligent temperature adjustment technologies to achieve 100% non-mechanical cooling and reduce thermal energy consumption by more than 70%.

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Regarding the game-watching experience, according to reports, on the basis of the cloud, the application of technologies such as visual intelligence, algorithms, and AR in the stadium can make the audience immersive and get a better game-watching experience. For example, through multi-angle intelligent synthesis technology, multi-array videos are combined into a panoramic dynamic picture, which brings more dimensional viewing angles to short-track speed skating, curling and other competitions.

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