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Cagliari dreams of an evening at Caput mundi

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The rossoblù, last, against Roma cannot be wrong. Godin and Strootman recovered, both Nandez and Caceres out

CAGLIARI. Godin and Strootman perhaps, Nandez and Caceres no. It will still be a Cagliari with many patches that will challenge Roma tonight. Mazzarri has not given the list of players called up, he will do so only today after the morning finish, when the doctors will tell him if the Uruguayan and the Dutchman can be deployed from the start. The defeat with Fiorentina left its mark, on the moral and on the physical level. Salernitana won yesterday and the rossoblùs are last. Alone. It is a very delicate moment of the season, you have to grit your teeth, remember that only the result counts. The opponent is not one of the malleable ones, even if so far Mourinho’s team (today he will be sitting in the stands because he is disqualified) has not shone. You will need the perfect match, played with head and heart, but above all with the knife between your teeth. The rossoblù are called to bring out the character, the one they left in the locker room of the “Franchi” stadium last Sunday.

Thoughts. Mazzarri’s head is a blender. The Cagliari coach knows that today his team will have to throw their hearts over the obstacle. The formation remains a puzzle that will be solved only at the last moment. If Godin and Strootman are in place, it is likely that the rossoblù will line up with 3-5-2. Zappa and Lykogiannis outside, Joao Pedro and Keita the strikers, even if the surprise Pavoletti from the first minute is not to be excluded. The ranking requires you to score points, a defeat today would have devastating effects on a group that is unable to shake off fear and has proven to be fragile in character. It is often said to bring out pride, what Sardinians have in their DNA. If the rossoblùs do it, the feat is possible.

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The Giallorossi. A hard fist is in force in Trigoria. Josè Mourinho after the humiliation of Bodo does not discount and confirms, almost in full, the choices already made on Sunday with Napoli. And if the formation will be exactly the same on the pitch, the news are represented by who flew and who did not in Sardinia for the away match in Cagliari. Of the “purged” only Kumbulla was reinstated and not only for Smalling’s injury, but because in recent days he has shown the Special One that he has learned his lesson. The same fate, however, did not happen to Diawara, Villar, Mayoral and Reynolds, all of whom remained in the capital. “There isn’t a cross on them,” Mourinho said immediately after the draw with Napoli, but they still have to do a lot of work to convince him to take them into consideration again.

Statistics. Roma is the team that has shot the most so far. There are 146 conclusions made by Mou’s men: of these 46 towards the goal, 52 shots finished outside and 43 those rejected. Walter Mazzarri has lost 52% of his Serie A coaching matches against Roma (12 out of 23), but found success in the most recent, 2-0 at the Torino bench in January 2020. Joao Pedro scored six goals against Roma. Roma A, only against Sampdoria (7) did better in the tournament. Today he hopes to still be decisive.

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