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Cagliari in trouble but the break helps him

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Nandez in action in La Spezia

Semplici believes in it: “Let’s not get down on it, it all depends on us”

CAGLIARI. Now Cagliari must make the race against Turin. Benevento’s victory at Juventus is another bad sign for the rossoblù. A surprise result that makes the task for Semplici’s team more complicated. The knockout with the Spezia is an open wound, but it would be reductive and wrong to stick only to bad luck. There are other reasons that prevented the Quattro Mori from putting points in the safe. The serious and trivial errors on the occasion of the two goals conceded; missed opportunities a meter from the door; the approach of the second half. This made all the difference.

Semplici believes in it. The Cagliari coach must be the first to dispose of the bitterness of a stop that hurts terrible. He has to play the charge, touch the right keys to motivate a group that has come out of the “Peak” with broken morale. «I don’t know when this defeat will weigh – the coach’s considerations – it is premature to say. We have to roll up our sleeves, believe in ourselves. I have been at Cagliari for twenty days, we have played several close matches, I hope during the break to work to be able to help the group and make it grow. Woe to break down, we would hurt ourselves: there are still many other games to try to change gears and make our championship different. I have confidence ». Words of comfort and hope, even if the mistakes of the past are resurfacing and this is the fact that somehow worries the most.

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Cynicism. It is not a characteristic in Cagliari’s DNA. Too many failed opportunities, even the easiest ones. It did not happen only with Spezia but also in other matches the team realized a minimal part of the opportunities built. «We create a lot, we need to be convinced of what we do and know how to do, of the fact that in the future certain balls will finally go inside. We cannot afford to be disheartened, this group has important values. From here to the end we have to make as many points as possible. I am convinced of our qualities and salvation, but we must do more: the moment is difficult but also the match against Spezia has shown that we must never give up. There are still ten finals to go ».

Midfield. One of Cagliari’s problems is in the middle of the field. There is no player capable of verticalizing. Marin can’t do it, Duncan can’t do it, to whom Semplici has entrusted directing duties. The latter has a big flaw: he lacks speed of thought and playing in such an important area of ​​the pitch, he touches the ball too many times before making the pass, risking even dribbling in dangerous situations. Nainggolan has vertical passing in the ropes but he is not one you can ask to dictate playing times. A gap in the staff that has never been filled. To be honest, Cigarini has never been replaced. There is no player with those characteristics in the squad.

The stop. It will be used by the rossoblù to reflect and recover energy. The next opponent at the “Sardegna Arena” will be Hellas Verona, who knelt at Atalanta yesterday. Juric’s lineup has lost some of its luster, but remains an uncomfortable customer. There are not many alternatives left at Cagliari. Indeed, only one remains: he must beat the Venetians if he wants to keep the flame of hope burning. Maintaining the category is essential. Going to Serie B would be a sporting “tragedy” but a lethal blow to the social coffers.

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