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Capirossi at MotoG-Podcast: ‘I’d like to see Marquez on the Ducati, in 2022 an eye on Bastianini’

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Loris guest of the last episode of the season: “In Valencia I saw Rossi calm, he accepted the end. The 58 of Sic is my most special number “

With the conclusion of the two days of testing in Jerez de la Frontera, the World Championship has officially gone on vacation. And MotoG-Podcast also goes on vacation, which in the last episode of the season hosts, at the microphone of Paolo Ianieri and Zoran Filicic, Loris Capirossi, one of the most loved riders who after his retirement, which took place at the end of 2011, joined the part of the MotoGP Race Direction. “I am one of many, one who has always put so much heart into everything he has done, so much desire, that he has never pulled back. And who has always faced mistakes, putting them in the streets “. Capirossi has always been considered one of the bravest riders, however, “after the crash in Assen, when I found myself crushed by the bike, I knew it was time to say enough. Fear? It exists, but you put it in a drawer, that drawer that opened in Valencia for the last race ”.

The race after the death of Marco Simoncelli, whom capirossi wanted to pay homage by racing with his 58. “It was the most special number I have ever used. That choice was not easy, I talked a lot about it with Paolo Simoncelli and I am very proud to have made it ”. Also in Valencia, valentino Rossi’s career ended two weeks ago. “I saw him calm and smiling, it’s not easy to get to the last scene after such a career, but he accepted it”. In the chat, Capirossi says he would be “curious to see Marquez on a Ducati. I talked to him a few days ago, he was very unlucky, I’m sorry he’s suffering, but he’s always positive ”. And if Fabio Quartararo’s criticisms “are to put pressure on Yamaha”, Capirossi elects Roadrunner of the year Enea Bastianini “for that overtaking on Fabio at Misano in race-2. Enea is so talented, this year he amazed me, and next year will be a good bone for everyone ”.

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