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Chicharito Hernández ‘gets hooked’ with a Chivas fan

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Chicharito Hernández ‘gets hooked’ with a Chivas fan

Chicharito Hernandez has found himself in a heated exchange with a Chivas fan on social media following the team’s defeat to Cruz Azul. The fan, identified as @john_potrillo, expressed his frustration with Chicharito’s promotion to the Kings Leagues and the team’s loss at the Azteca Stadium.

In response, Chicharito addressed the fan’s comments, emphasizing that footballers are human beings first and foremost. He acknowledged the pain of defeat but also stressed the importance of moving forward and continuing to give their all on the field.

Chicharito reassured the fan that he is committed to helping Chivas succeed and urged fans not to view footballers as either heroes or villains based on the outcome of a game. He emphasized the importance of learning from both wins and losses and continuing to strive for victory in every match.

The exchange between Chicharito and the fan highlights the passion and emotions that often come with being a football fan, as well as the challenges that players face both on and off the field.

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