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Chinese team announces roster for World Figure Skating Championships-Sports-China Engineering Network

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Chinese Team Announces Roster for World Figure Skating Championships

The highly anticipated 2024 World Figure Skating Championships are quickly approaching, set to take place in Montreal, Canada from March 18th to 25th. With the competition drawing near, the Chinese team has officially announced their roster for the prestigious event.

Leading the pack in the men’s single skating category is Jin Boyang, a seasoned skater known for his technical prowess and artistry on the ice. Joining him will be the pairs skating duo of Peng Cheng and Wang Lei, as well as the ice dancing pair Wang Shiyue and Liu Xinyu.

However, it was revealed that Chinese women’s single skaters did not qualify for the World Championships this year. In their place, Zhang Siyang and Yang Yongchao will serve as substitutes for pairs skating, while Chen Xizi and Xing Jianing will stand in for ice dancing.

In preparation for the upcoming competition, the Chinese team recently competed in the “14th Winter” figure skating open group competition. Jin Boyang, Peng Cheng, Wang Lei, and Wang Shiyue all secured first place finishes in their respective events, showcasing their readiness for the World Championships. Despite facing some challenges in their routines, the substitutes Zhang Siyang, Yang Yongchao, Chen Xizi, and Xing Jianing also demonstrated impressive performances during the competition.

Looking ahead to the World Championships, Peng Cheng and Wang Lei expressed their determination to excel in Montreal. The pair plans to arrive two weeks early to acclimate to the competition venue and time difference, ensuring they are fully prepared to deliver their best performance.

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As the Chinese team gears up for the World Figure Skating Championships, fans around the world eagerly await the opportunity to witness their dazzling routines and competitive spirit on the ice.

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