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CIES latest value ranking: Foden 190 million euros topped Mbappé only 12th_ euro

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Original title: CIES latest value ranking: Foden 190 million euros topped Mbappé only 12

The famous football research media Swiss Football Observatory (CIES) recently announced the latest issue of player value estimates. Manchester City striker Foden is worth as much as 190.2 million euros, and is also the most expensive player in the world today. Behind him is Greenwood of 178 million euros and Rashford of 159.1 million euros.

In addition to determining the player’s strength, CIES is also related to the player’s age, contract years, career development, club and national team performance, and some inflation forecasts. Generally speaking, CIES’s assessment of player value is relatively objective.

In the latest player value list, Manchester City’s Foden ranked first with 190.2 million euros, while two players from Manchester United ranked second and third, of which Greenwood ranked second with a net worth of 178 million euros. Rashford ranked third with 159.1 million euros.

Haaland, who plays in Dortmund, is worth 155.5 million euros, ranking fourth. Harland is only fourth in value, which has a lot to do with the existence of a 75 million euro termination fee clause in his contract that will take effect in 2022. Manchester United’s midfielder core B fee of 154.3 million euros ranked fifth.

Three of the La Liga players are in the top ten list. They are Barcelona’s De Jong, who is worth 138.7 million euros, ranking sixth. Pedri ranks seventh with 133.2 million euros. Atletico Madrid’s Felix, 127.8 million euros, ranked ninth. Only one person in the Bundesliga was selected, Alfonso Davis, worth 131.6 million euros, ranking eighth on the list. The Chelsea player Mount is worth 123.6 million euros, ranking tenth.

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It needs to be pointed out that Mbappé’s value is only 118.3 million Euros, ranking 12th in the list and not entering the top ten. This has a lot to do with the expiration of the contract between Mbappé and Paris in the next summer. .

CIES player value ranking (unit: Euro):

1. Foden (Man City/England), 190.2 million

2. Greenwood (Manchester United/England), 178 million

3. Rashford (Manchester United/England), 159.1 million

4. Harland (Dort/Norway), 155.5 million

5. Bruno Fernandez (Manchester United/Portugal), 154.3 million

6. Frankie De Jong (Barcelona/Netherlands), 138.7 million

7. Pedri (Barça/Spain), 133.2 million

8. Alfonso Davis (Bayern/Canada), 131.6 million

9. Felix (Atletico Madrid/Portugal), 127.8 million

10. Mount (Chelsea/England), 123.6 million

12. Mbappé (Paris/France), 118.3 millionReturn to Sohu to see more


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