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Coach search at HSV: question of fate for Boldt – Kühne calls for Magath

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Coach search at HSV: question of fate for Boldt – Kühne calls for Magath

As of: February 14, 2024 8:21 p.m

HSV sports director Jonas Boldt has to show a good hand in the succession plan for the dismissed coach Tim Walter, otherwise his days with the second division club will be numbered. Therefore, the commitment of an experienced coach seems more likely than a permanent promotion of the former assistant coach Merlin Polzin.

According to Boldt, the trainer, who is just 33 years old, will be “one hundred percent” responsible for HSV in the game against FC Hansa Rostock next Saturday (1 p.m., in the live center at >). Whether the Hamburg native, who moved to the Elbe with Daniel Thioune from VfL Osnabrück in 2020, would be a permanent solution seems questionable, even if he wins against his northern rival.

Boldt ennobles Polzin: “A great coaching talent”

Even though Polzin was ennobled by Boldt on Monday afternoon as a “great coaching talent who brings a lot to the table”, the previous Walter assistant lacks any experience as a head coach. Of course, this does not necessarily have to be a disadvantage, as the Fabian Hürzeler case showed. The current coach of city rivals FC St. Pauli had not yet managed a professional team before he was surprisingly promoted the winter before last. As we all know, the rest is a success story.

Initially responsible for HSV on an interim basis: Merlin Polzin.

Boldt doesn’t rule out an internal solution with Polzin either: “He’ll definitely get the chance, with full conviction.” But there are doubts that the 42-year-old will ultimately have the courage for this experiment. If the same thing fails and promotion fails for the sixth time in a row, the sports director would probably be relieved of his duties in the summer.

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Baumgart probably the favorite, Breitenreiter and Reis also candidates?

Hiring an experienced, well-known coach would be a somewhat safer option for Boldt. And there are many candidates who, on the one hand, are available and, on the other hand, have already proven that they can lead a team to promotion. In addition to the highly promoted Steffen Baumgart, who is said to have expressed interest in the HSV job, there is Thomas Reis, for example. The former U19 coach of VfL Wolfsburg completely unexpectedly led VfL Bochum into the Bundesliga in 2021 and then kept the Ruhrpott club in the first floor with small financial resources.

After an unfortunate stint at FC Schalke 04, the 50-year-old is now available. The same applies to André Breitenreiter, the promotion coach of Hannover 96 in 2017. The master coach of FC Zurich (2022) was also traded to HSV in the past. It is uncertain whether Reis and Breitenreiter play a role in Boldt’s considerations.

The sports director did not comment on names. We will “hold further discussions” both internally and externally and at the same time consider “what possibilities actually exist to bring HSV further forward, and not what is floating around as a name somewhere and perhaps cannot be implemented at all and in the end perhaps not at all couldn’t fit,” explained the 42-year-old.

Neuhaus would bring everything HSV needs

Boldt is aware that HSV still has great appeal even after almost six years in the second division and should therefore also be interesting for coaches who recently worked in the Bundesliga. Asking Urs Fischer, who was dismissed after many successful years at Union Berlin, could well be an option for the sports director.

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Uwe Neuhaus also has a past with the “Iron”. Under the now 64-year-old coach, the Köpenick team rose from the fourth to the second division. Arminia Bielefeld led Neuhaus into the Bundesliga and Dynamo Dresden also into the second division.

With his routine and his promotion expertise, the Hattingen native would actually be the perfect solution for HSV in the current situation. According to reports, Neuhaus is not (yet) a hot candidate to succeed Walter.

Bern doesn’t want to give Wicky away

The same probably applies to Raphael Wicky. The name of the former Hamburg midfielder and current successful coach of Young Boys Bern also appeared in various media on Monday after Walter’s dismissal. “We are facing important games. It is clear to us that we will play these with Raphael Wicky. We do not comment on rumors,” explained Albert Stadenmann, press spokesman for the Swiss champions, to the “20 Minutes” portal.

Kühne favors Magath

As has always been the case after coach dismissals at HSV in recent years, Felix Magath quickly became one of the successor candidates. The 70-year-old would be available and probably willing to help his favorite club.

Investor Klaus-Michael Kühne, who owns 15.21 percent of shares in HSV Fußball AG, favors the ex-professional and long-time Bundesliga coach: “Unfortunately, I’m just an uninfluential fan who has to watch how HSV plays out in every respect “If it were up to me, I would immediately hire Mr. Magath as a coach or sports director,” said the billionaire on “Sky”.

However, a commitment from the HSV legend seems unlikely. Because Magath, like Boldt, is an alpha animal. There would almost certainly be friction between the two, which could even be fatal for the sports director.

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Didn’t Boldt have a plan B?

Boldt is probably aware that his future depends on the coaching question. It is therefore understandable that he decided not to take a quick shot and first put his trust in the previous assistant coach Polzin. On the other hand, it cannot be ruled out that the sports director simply lacked a plan B because he was firmly convinced, at least until the game against Hannover 96 (3:4) last Friday, that he could achieve promotion with Walter.

That would be quite honorable – but also quite naive considering the negative development that HSV has actually had since the fifth matchday of this season.

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