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Conegliano beats Macerata and mortgages the winter title

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Conegliano beats Macerata and mortgages the winter title

The official anthem of Macerata is entitled “Drunkards of Helvia”, referring to the Latin name of the area located north of the city in the Marche region. The landladies themselves got drunk, but based on prosecco and the game of the panthers, which was not among the best expressed this season. The technical difference between first and penultimate in the standings, in the long run, all came out.

The eleventh consecutive victory of the Prosecco Doc Imoco comes with relative ease and comforts for the good continuity expressed from the middle of the race onwards. The announced and predictable turnover of Santarelli proposes the sextet with Carraro in direction, Plummer opposite, De Kruijf and Squarcini in the center, Cook and Gray in the band, De Gennaro free. Macerata, which will have the reinforcement of Dijkema, lines up Ricci and Malik on the main diagonal, Fiesoli and Abbott on the sides, Cosi and Molinaro in the centre, Fiori libero. There is Cook’s signature in the first break in favor of Conegliano (3-8), where Plummer also enters with a deep diagonal from place 4 and Squarcini with a winning service.

Suddenly the light goes out in reception, with two consecutive aces from Abbott and the astuteness of Fiesoli who makes good use of the gialloblù block (8-8). In attack, the reaction comes with Gray, unmarked four times by Carraro, and the gap, also thanks to a couple of forcings from the Marches, grows again. From 10-15 and from a more reassuring 11-17 Conegliano slips into the torpor of lightness. The opponents come back again (20-21), but force, conceding three set points. Malik and Molinaro cancel two, Cook with his sixth personal point sends everyone to the field change. The panthers seem to maintain a fairly controlled cruising speed, even if they don’t excel in blocking and attacking.

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Malik and Abbott pass regularly (5-2), but Plummer is good at fixing some non-ideal trajectories (6-5). Cook and Gray also meet again and Conegliano puts his head forward (8-9). Macerata is clearly more foul, but does not give up (13-16). Prosecco Doc becomes more aggressive when receiving and blocking and triggers faster and more effective combinations. Gray again, then De Kruijf and Plummer build three consistent break point phases that leave no way out for the landlords.

Conegliano’s engine begins to turn more regularly, while Macerata seems to have no more mental energy, nor techniques to be able to compete with the Italian champions. The result is a set that is not exactly memorable from a competitive point of view, but in which good things can be seen from Plummer, Gray and Furlan, who took over from Squarcini at 7-14.

Conegliano is now two points away from the first mathematical place valid for the Italian Cup grid, which he can already certify on Sunday in the Palaverde match against Scandicci.

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