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Conte and Italy: “He will go to the World Cup, but find the magic again”

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The Tottenham coach on the future of the national team: “I’m only afraid of Portugal in the playoffs, the others don’t worry me”

From our correspondent Andrea Di Caro

From the wonderful Tottenham headquarters, Antonio Conte in a long interview with Andrea Di Caro tells everything about his new English life, from the reasons behind his choice to the goals for this Premier. But the Nerazzurri scudetto coach also talks about the Juve cycle, Lukaku and Ronaldo back in England, the possible winner of Serie A and Mancini’s national team. In the extract that follows his opinion on the future of the Azzurri’s World Cup.

Let’s talk about the national team: in four months from European champions to the playoffs to go to the World Cup … What happened?

“We have all won a wonderful European championship, even ourselves. When things like this, a little unexpected, happen it means that everything worked perfectly and the stars were all aligned. During the European journey, enthusiasm and confidence grew. We deserved it. the favorable episodes: the ball that takes the post and enters, Arnautovic’s goal canceled for nothing, the player who gets hurt and who replaces him resolves the game, the challenges with Spain and England won on penalties … After that you become a champion, however, the pressures increase, the others play the game of life against you, the expectations increase. Switzerland pulled by one, Jorginho, who never gets them wrong. Italy must recover the magic, the right alchemy, the anger. And hope that the stars will come back into alignment “.

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Will we be able to qualify?

“I hope so. There is only one opponent to fear: Portugal. They are a strong team, full of quality players, not only Ronaldo. The others do not worry me, but with them the challenge is equal.”


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