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Covid Germany: today 446 dead. In Austria another 10 days of lockdown – Foreign

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Covid, over 400 dead in Germany (Ansa)

Rome, 1 December 2021 – The new wave of Coronavirus in Europa. They exceed 400 i deaths every day for Covid in Germany, where they have died in the last 24 hours 446 people. This is the highest number of victims recorded for more than 8 months, precisely since February 18 last. Others have also been identified 67,186 contagions and the alarm for the occupation of the terapie intensive. According to Gernot Marx, president of the DIVI industry association, they will be there by Christmas 6,000 hospitalized regardless of the measures taken by the government. We therefore risk the “collapse“. Instead, theincidence per 100 thousand inhabitants which today is 442.9 cases, while yesterday it was 452.2.

Germany ready to transfer Covid patients to Italy

With increasingly dramatic numbers, Germany is forced to run for cover. Future Chancellor Olaf Scholz has declared himself in favor ofvaccination obligation and in the traffic light coalition you work for a lockdown for the unvaccinated. “The pandemic situation is dramatic and we have reached the point that we need to think of new ways to deal with it “, explained the spokeswoman for the German government, Ulrike Demmer.

Vaccine obligation: Europe accelerates. What can happen in Italy

Good news arrives on the vaccine front: according to what was announced by the outgoing Health Minister Jens Spahn “il Covid vaccine for children between five and eleven it will be available a week earlier “, it is assumed from 13 December.


The Austrian government today announced its intention to extend the lockdown totale for another 10 days, promising that from 12 December the restrictions will fall for the vaccinated and recently recovered from Covid. The opening hours of the shops have also been changed, which will have to close tomorrow at 19 instead of 21. Today in Austria have been registered 61 deaths and the infections have started to rise again, over 10 thousand in the last 24 hours. The patients admitted to hospitals are 3,376, 649 of them in intensive care.

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