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Crack Mosaner: skip the World Cup. Constantini competing with Arman

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Crack Mosaner: skip the World Cup.  Constantini competing with Arman
Stefania Constantine and Amos Mosaner

The team led by Auronzana Caldart will make their debut in Switzerland against Japan on Saturday


No mixed doubles world championship for the golden couple Stefania Constantini – Amos Mosaner. Or rather, the girl from Cortina will be there, but alongside her she will not have the player from Trentino with whom she won the historic gold at the Beijing Olympics. In fact, the two should have participated together in the world championship that will take place from Saturday in Geneva, Switzerland. Mosaner, however, was injured and his place will be taken by Sebastiano Arman. The quality remains high, given that Arman has returned from bronze with the men’s Italy at the World Championships in Las Vegas. Undoubtedly, however, it will be effective not to see the two athletes who have made the whole of Italy passionate about curling.


The Italian ice sports federation (Fisg) gave the news of the injury.

“The Italian Air Force rider underwent the instrumental tests which revealed a tear in the vastus medial of the left quadriceps: an injury that will therefore prevent him from taking part in the event. Italy, reigning Olympic champion after the en plein of victories at the Beijing Games, will not be able to hunt for the world title with their titular couple, but will still try to behave well in the appointment that effectively closes the season of the blue curling “.

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Arman, who is also an Air Force athlete, will then join Constantini.


The tricolor couple will be led in Switzerland by the Auronzana coach Violetta Caldart, with coach Claudio Pescia as support. The debut will take place on Saturday at 10 against Japan, then returning to the ice at 18 against New Zealand. Italy is included in group A of round robin and after the two inaugural matches will face in order: South Korea (Sunday, 2 pm); Denmark (Monday, 10 am), Estonia (Monday, 6 pm); Sweden (Tuesday, 2 pm); Switzerland (Wednesday, 10 am), Norway (Wednesday, 6 pm); Finland (Thursday, 2 pm). In this 14th edition with twenty teams at the start, the three best-ranked formations in the two groups at the end of the round robin phase will access the playoffs, with the first two national teams directly qualified for the semifinals.COMBINE

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