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Defenses win between Varzi and Pavia The derby ends 0-0

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At Chiappano balanced race, blue in ten from 79 ‘for the red headed to Procida Better the grenades at the start, then the guests grow. Three goals disallowed for offside


The derby between Varzi and Pavia ends with a stalemate, after even 12 ‘of recovery (just like at the Parisi di Voghera). A game that can be summed up in the key word balance. Reversal of actions, moments where one team has commanded the game more than the other, some occasion on each side even without extraordinary interventions by the goalkeepers. Sore point, the injury to the left shoulder that rushed to the blue midfielder Bargiggia, forced to leave the pitch on a stretcher in the 51st minute.

Constant balance

Varzi starts better, then Pavia takes the reins of the game more, but without creating headaches. In the second half, the opposite happens. Better initially the Azzurri, then Varzi takes courage and stings more. Indeed, after having gone in numerical superiority for the expulsion of Procida (direct red for entry on Iervolino) at 34 ‘of the second half, he ventured a 4-2-4, with the strikers Zanellati, Romano, Pellegrini and Cantiello on the field at the same time. In the final, although in ten, Pavia tries to find the network of success.

Initially unavailable in Varzi Catenacci, Santobuono, Aramini and at the last also Rebecchi and Scarcella who are not risked due to physical problems. In the initial 4-3-3 the new Di Placido, Moltini and Zanellati “debut”. In Pavia, absent Grillo (who is injured during the warm-up), Ottonello, Lizzio and Petrucci. Varzi hasn’t played a real match since 11 October (Base 96 Seveso, 0-1, Rebecchi’s goal), the Azzurri even from 4 (Ardor Lazzate, 2-0, Noia-Lizzio). A minute of meditation to remember the figure of the historic secretary of Varzi, Claudio Debattisti, who recently passed away. At 3 ‘Zanellati checks out of the area and kicks right into the running, high ball. Again the hosts at 22 ‘with Rebuscini who fishing in the area all alone Di Placido on a free kick, but the central is uncoordinated in hitting the ball with his head that ends on the bottom. Pavia is seen in the 31st minute with a low-kick from Esposito coming out just to Murriero’s right. At 39 ‘again the blues: corner of Esposito, Boredom of head on the bottom. At the end, Bahirov kicks from outside the area, Murriero saves to the ground. Teams unchanged at the start of the second half. At 2 ‘Zanellati, on an assist from Caputo, shoots the ball on the bottom to the right of Sacchi. At 4 ‘Bahirov converges and kicks, ball on the bottom. From the same position, Colombo tries (7 ‘), without too much luck. At 11 ‘Varzi appears: cross in the area by Moltini, Romano with the head is anticipated by Anzaghi. At 12 ‘goal canceled to Romano for offside. At 20 ‘, De Stradis just entered causes panic in the penalty area. Another goal canceled by Romano (28 ‘) for offside. At 34 ‘Pavia in 10: red direct to Procida for entry on Iervolino; at 36 ‘goal canceled in Bahirov again for offside. At 44 ‘Cigagna blocks a shot from Baihrov again. The ending is excited. Seven minutes of recovery, which will then become 12 ‘. At 51 ‘he injured himself on the shoulder Bargiggia who comes out on a stretcher. Pavia even closes in 9. And the derby remains pinned to 0-0. –

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Alessandro Maggi

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