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Dembele still wants to talk about a contract extension!Barcelona bid 20 million euros in the winter window and go quickly – yqqlm

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Original title: Dembele still wants to talk about contract renewal!Barcelona’s price of 20 million euros in winter window hurry up

There is clearly a very different attitude between Barcelona and the players when it comes to Dembele’s contract renewal. Barcelona’s top executive Alemani made it clear on Thursday that the contract renewal negotiations had failed. Barcelona hoped that Dembele would leave the team as soon as possible during the winter transfer period. Dembele posted that “the negotiations are not over.” Today’s “World Sports News” pointed out on the front page that Dembele still hopes to renew his contract with Barcelona. The Frenchman is really a confusing operation.

According to the “World Sport”, Dembele’s agent Sissoko will fly to Barcelona next week. Sissoko will first meet with Dembele and then have a conversation with Barcelona’s top management about his contract extension. Dembele originally asked for an annual salary of up to 50 million euros before tax, and Barcelona set this Wednesday as the deadline for contract renewal negotiations. Since Sissoko never responded to Barcelona’s offer, Barcelona withdrew the offer and determined that the negotiation had failed.

Although Dembele still wants to continue the dialogue with Barcelona, ​​Barcelona has decided to clean it up. According to the “Parisian” report, Barcelona has placed a price of 20 million euros for Dembele. Considering that Dembele will be able to transfer for free after half a year, this price is actually not low. If Dembele leaves in the winter, Manchester United and Newcastle are his most likely next homes.

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Dembele’s actions caused him to be angered by Barcelona legend Stoichkov: “If you don’t want to play for Barcelona, ​​then at least don’t sully the Barcelona team logo. Xavi didn’t let him into the dressing room. Applause for Xavi’s decision, because the Barcelona dressing room deserves respect, it is 121 years old. Laporta, please open the door and let those who don’t feel the color of Barcelona leave, we need those who are willing to sweat for this jersey People. Dembele never understood the meaning of Barcelona, ​​I am also a foreigner, but I integrated in, I understood the meaning of Barcelona, ​​but Dembele never understood.”

In order to cleanse Dembele, Barcelona did not make him in the squad against Biba. But if Barcelona continues to block Dembele, it may be prosecuted for it. The Spanish Players Union has issued a statement accusing Barcelona of using pressure to force Dembele to renew his contract or leave the team. And because Barcelona publicly asked Dembele to leave the team, this violated the relevant provisions of Spain’s “Labor Law”. If Barcelona has always adopted this attitude towards Dembele, Barcelona may be forced to pay him 10 months of salary, a total of about 12 million euros.Return to Sohu, see more


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