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Depth: National Football Team Sharjah Training Officially Opens Li Tiezhan Vietnam Needs to Solve Two Major Problems_China Team

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Original Title: Depth: National Football Team Sharjah Training Officially Opens Li Tiezhan Vietnam Needs to Solve Two Major Problems

On September 8, local time, the national football team moved from Doha to Sharjah, UAE, and began the second stage of preparations for the training camp in West Asia. After two consecutive defeats in the first two group matches, the Chinese men’s football team wants to make a difference in the top 12 matches. The next month of training will become very important, and for head coach Li Tie , The first two group matches can help him find the position of the Chinese men’s football team in the top 12 matches, and be more targeted in the following preparations and training. According to the plan, the National Football Team officially opened a new round of training on the 13th, strengthening physical reserves and determining a suitable tactical positioning will be two major problems that Li Tie urgently needs to solve.

Physical reserve has become the basis for the national football to stand up

The National Football Team arrived in Sharjah on the 8th and stayed at the Novotel Convention and Exhibition Center Hotel in Sharjah. I chose this hotel because Novotel is more closed compared to the Sheraton staying in the top 40, which is convenient for the national football team members to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic. . After contracting the hotel, in fact, the activity space of the national team members is no longer limited to individual rooms, but can be extended to all public spaces of the hotel. Taking into account the current situation of players physically and mentally exhausted, the national team did not rush to start the training camp, but took a few days off, so that the players can get a complete relaxation. According to the plan, the team officially started a new training camp on the 13th. Physical fitness will become the top priority.

In fact, the top 40 national football team moved to Sharjah and was able to win all four games. A very important reason is that the physical foundation is good. This hasty desert trip also hollowed out all the national football players. After returning to the club, Club officials once said with emotion that “the international footballers have come back from Sharjah and are basically drained.” In the subsequent intensive Chinese Super League, many international footballers are in poor condition, which has nothing to do with the previous trip to West Asia.

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The subsequent league rotation made the national football’s originally not rich physical reserves even closer to exhaustion. At the end of August, the national football training in Shanghai was basically unable to conduct technical and tactical exercises due to physical problems. After going to Doha, the physical disadvantages of the national football soldiers were also exposed. In the first group match with the Australian team, the national football team was completely suppressed by the opponent in the two-penalty game. The opponent also happened to use the two-penalty control to continuously give the national football team. Pressure was put on the back line. According to industry insiders, the fight for the second penalty kick can best reflect the physical condition and desire of the player. “The loss of so many second penalty kicks shows that our players’ physical fitness is indeed in a relatively low state. The body is not excited, heavy, and unable to run. In the second game against the Japanese team, although there was a rebound, we did not take advantage of the lack of long-distance pilots compared to our opponents.

In fact, for the current national team, physical fitness and running are the foundation. Li Tie also said when communicating with the media in Shanghai, “We have a gap with our opponents in terms of skills and tactics. If we want to limit our opponents, we can only rely on running more.” After the match between the Chinese team and the Japanese team, Li Tie also made it clear at the press conference that “the team will practice very hard in the next month, hoping to bring players to a new level in physical terms.” In addition, it is to invite some strong teams. Play a warm-up match. It can also be seen that Li Tie is indeed dissatisfied with the players’ physical fitness.

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Li Tie in the player era is known for his ability to run. After becoming a coach, he is also very experienced in mobilizing players’ physical fitness. In the next four weeks of training for the national football team, I believe Li Tie will spend about 10 days to help players strengthen their physical fitness. Re-adjusting the physical reserve to the peak state in June is also the basis for the national football team to lay the groundwork for the two group matches in October.

The war against Vietnam faces a tactical switch

Compared to physical reserves, it may be more difficult to determine an effective tactical system. According to the international rankings, the strength of the Vietnam team is weaker than that of the national football team, which belongs to our target. So whether the national team needs to switch the tactical system, invest more troops on offense, and strive to get all 3 points, this is a question that Li Tie must face.

In the first two group matches, the Chinese team used two completely different tactical systems, and the result was also nothing. In the first match against Australia, the Chinese team formed a 442 formation, and the opening was overwhelmed by a frenzied attack, attempting to hit the opponent with an unstable footing, but was seized by the opponent’s counterattack and seized the opportunity. The first half went on two consecutive games, the second In the match against the Asian dominant Japanese team, the Chinese team chose the strategy of being unable to defend. They changed their formation to 532 and defended halftime. Originally intended to be able to steal a point, the Japanese team forcibly tore a gap. Finally lost 0-1. After the game, Li Tie said that although he lost, he gained confidence.

In all fairness, the opponents of the first two group matches are stronger than China, and it is not unacceptable to lose. However, what kind of strategy China adopts to deal with its opponents in the home game against the Vietnam team has become very delicate. In the past, the Chinese team has always been the victim of Vietnamese football. However, in recent years, Vietnamese football has made rapid progress. Foreign media also generally believe that although Vietnam has also lost two consecutive games, its overall performance is better than China. The counterattack line is clear and lively, and the core players have outstanding personal abilities.

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In this situation, if the Chinese team presses on the offense, it will be difficult to guarantee that the back line will not be attacked. If the backcourt is closed, it may be difficult to break the goal of the Vietnam team. At the same time, just 5 days after the game against Vietnam on October 7, the Chinese team will challenge Saudi Arabia. The overall strength of Saudi Arabia is better than that of China. The home court advantage is obvious. The Chinese team will probably adopt a steady counterattack. In a short period of time, tactically, it is very likely to face the switch again.

It is also worth mentioning that due to the impact of the epidemic, the national football team is isolated overseas, and it is not an international match day. It is not easy to find a Southeast Asian team with a style similar to Vietnam to warm up.

In the previous match between the Chinese team and the Japanese team, the outside world generally commented that the Chinese team only had a defensive defense and lacked strength in counterattack. Although four naturalized players were dispatched, they still could not pose a substantial threat to the goal of the Japanese team. The match against the Vietnam team coincides with the National Day holiday and is also the 20th anniversary of Chinese football qualifying. On such a ceremonial day, how the national football team can withstand the pressure and find a balance between offense and defense, this is probably Li Tie now The most troublesome problem I face. (Sohu Sports Pei Li)Return to Sohu to see more


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