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Dinamo unlocks late Brindisi wins again

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First setback in the league for the biancoblù, who fall at PalaPentassuglia The Salentines bombard from beyond the arch, the Banco grits his teeth but the comeback fails

SENT TO TOAST. Brindisi and Dinamo play it, Gaspardo plays the Martian and the difference is all there. First setback in the championship for the Sassari of Demis Cavina, who in the anticipation of the second day of the championship collide, more than on the Salento wall, on their current limits and on the extraordinary ballistic vein of the long Bressanone: at PalaPentassuglia it ends 89-80, with the player from Brindisi scoring 29 points in 24 minutes and – above all – the creator of the two breaks that split the game: in the first quarter, with 4 triples out of 4, and in the last period, with 8 points in a row scored when the Banco had risen to -4. In the middle, for the Banco, a lot of suffering for a match almost immediately out of hand (41-29 at 13 ‘) and played all in the pursuit of a Happy Casa good at “speculating” on the partial obtained with the fireworks of the first quarter (8/9 from 3) and to punish the white and blue uncertainties.

Dinamo starts with two turnovers, gets in rhythm but stays in the game for 5 minutes. Then the Brindisi bombing begins: Gaspardo (4/4) and his companions make 8/9 from beyond the arc in the first period and jump to 30-18. Mekowulu keeps Dinamo afloat, which limits the damage and reaches the first siren at 30-23. On balance it is a bargain. Borra gives breath to Mekowulu, Battle keeps Dinamo alive, but Brindisi continues to make the basket in every way and Gaspardo is possessed: another 5 points of the South Tyrolean winger (already at 17 with zero errors) bring the Salento back to +12 ( 41-29) after just 13 ‘. The Sassari are fumbling, Brindisi could make a void instead it wraps a bit on the Sassari area: Borra makes himself felt under the basket, Vitucci gets a technical foul and starts again from 43-34. It’s only a moment, because the Happy Casa plays better, the Sassari attack is cumbersome and at 1’52 “Chappell blows up the PalaPentassuglia with a triple of 50-36. Halfway through the game, Banco is at -11, 52-41, with a match to be invented.

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Dinamo restarts discreetly, too many shots go on the iron but in any case the Sassari take the inertia and 5 points in a row by Gentile are worth -6, 54-48. A super block from Gaspardo and an unsportsmanlike one from Burnell change the inertia again (60-48). Banco remains alive, but Bendzius and Logan send the triples of -7 on the iron and Vitucci’s team arrives on the final straight still ahead by 10, 67-57. The Sassari float at the turn of the -10, collect the Adrian bomb for the 74-61 at 7 ‘from the end of the race but do not let go: Logan finally hits a shot, Adrian commits an unsportsmanlike and the Salento begin to drop. The Banco does not make sparks, but in the meantime Clemmons enters the game and from 76-67 we find ourselves at 76-72 in an instant. There are still 3’54 “but Gaspardo is still thinking about it, with a dunk and two triples to break the game again: 84-72, there are still 2’30” but this time it’s really over.


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