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Due to dangerous bodily harm: proceedings against ex-BVB player Nico Schulz discontinued

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Due to dangerous bodily harm: proceedings against ex-BVB player Nico Schulz discontinued

As of: February 28, 2024 4:15 p.m

The Dortmund district court has discontinued proceedings against the ex-professional footballer for grievous bodily harm. The former national player must donate 150,000 euros to charitable organizations.

The public prosecutor’s list of allegations against Schulz was long. On three days in 2020, physical altercations are said to have occurred between former soccer professional Nico Schulz and his ex-partner and mother of their child, Jasmina D.. The woman reported the professional soccer player.

Charge of assault

In January 2020, Schulz is said to have kicked his partner in the stomach and dragged her hair through the apartment in her own apartment on Lisbonner Allee in Dortmund. Two months later, he is said to have kicked his ex-girlfriend again in the stomach in her Berlin apartment. In August there was said to be another physical altercation between the football player and D., who was heavily pregnant at the time.

The two people involved didn’t look at each other in court. Schulz sat dressed all in black with a short ponytail and looked in a different direction. Jasmina D. also tried to avoid eye contact.

Former partner refused to testify

The alleged victim did not want to confirm the allegations made by the public prosecutor. She also refused to testify, much to the judge’s surprise. She didn’t want to incriminate herself, her lawyer said. After just a few minutes it was clear that Schulz would not be convicted without the incriminating statement.

The refusal to testify raised some questions among observers: Did Jasmina D. possibly make up some of the allegations? Or was there a deal behind the scenes? Jasmina D. admitted that Nico Schulz had paid her compensation as part of a perpetrator-victim settlement.

150,000 euros donation to several non-profit organizations

The judge closed the proceedings in view of the thin evidence. Since Schulz admitted his own wrongdoing through his lawyer, the judge decided that Schulz must donate 30,000 euros each to five charitable organizations. The money will go to a women’s shelter in Dortmund and, at the request of the injured, to the German Cancer Aid. The White Ring, an outpatient children’s hospice service and Kinderlachen eV will also receive 30,000 euros.

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Nico Schulz has been without a club since 2023

The judge also emphasized that Schulz was hit hard by the fact that the complaint against him was sent to the public prosecutor’s office and the Bild newspaper at the same time. This prevented possible follow-up contracts with football clubs. Schulz was under contract with Borussia Dortmund at the time of the alleged acts. The contract was terminated by mutual agreement.

Since then, Schulz has not been able to find a new club. He has played for the national team 12 times in his career. Schulz and Jasmina D. have one child together.

BVB and Nico Schulz go their separate ways arrow right

Our sources:

WDR-Reporter im District Court Dortmund
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