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Elite C and D series, Sibilia says no “Too many categories to climb”

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The hypothesis of reform of the football championships conceived by Gravina does not agree with the president of the National Amateur League


PSibilia resident, you lead the National Amateur League, the largest member of the football organization framed in the FIGC. Be honest, will the reform of Italian football, which has been invoked for years but always postponed, ever come about?

«I’ll answer you like this: in professionalism there are no conditions to have all those clubs indicated in the draft presented by the Federation. When we got to know it, and given that an Elite Series C and an Elite Series D would be planned, we asked ourselves: if today an Interregional club wants to reach Serie A it must pass three categories, because in the future it would never be to exceed five instead? We are willing to argue, but as long as they don’t put obstacles in it. And the “as long as …” is necessary ».

In fact, everyone defends their own positions and interests. Ghirelli, head of the Lega Pro, does not want to know, let alone Dal Pino and Balata, the presidents of the A and B Leagues …

“If the reform is designed to reduce professional teams to 60 (20 in A, as many in B and C, ed), they have to explain to me what is meant by semi-professionalism, by inserting two more championships “.

It is a high-risk path that Gravina is about to undertake, and if it is true that everything should start from the ’23 / 24 season, it will not be easy to find the synthesis. The interests involved are many, it is clear that everyone tries to pull as much water as possible to their mill. And therefore there will be more than one circle to square.

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Meanwhile Sibilia announced that in Ancona, Thursday 28th, the Board of Directors will approve the budget of the NLD, which records a deficit of 2 million and 900 thousand euros, and referred to the latest decisions taken, including Noventello, the new synthetic field built in Noventa Padovana. –

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