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Excellent match for Ragusa against Igea

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Excellent match for Ragusa against Igea

It ended 1-1 between Ragusa and Nuova Igea. A very enjoyable match from the entertainment point of view, between two teams who played openly and without ever closing in on defence. To unlock it, after 22 minutes, the Reinero’s penalty, favored by Romano who had received the penalty in the Giallorossi penalty area after being brought down by Calafiore. In the second half, in the 10th minute, a lucky goal came from striker Di Piedi who took advantage of an uncatchable arc, aided by the wind, knocking the Italian goalkeeper out of the game. Speaking of the latter, Andrea Grasso, born in 2006, it is necessary to note his absolute debut between the posts. And he did it without making the owner Freddi regret, with a series of saves, especially in the initial phase of the match, which made all the fans applaud him.

“It was a real, intense, competitively very tight match – underlines the Eagles’ coach, Giovanni Ignoffo – in which we had legitimately hoped to be able to collect something more although Igea had come from five victories in a row and therefore, together at Trapani, was the team in best form at this stage of the season. We tried to tame it and immediately realized that we could have achieved much more. The game was played with extreme ambition on one side and the other, with constant reversals of direction which gave rise to interesting counter-attacks. Then, in the second half, especially when we conceded the goal, we tried in some way to take the lead again and we created a series of dangerous chances, the clearest one falling at Reinero’s feet, which however we were unable to transform into net. It’s really a shame because the boys put on a really important performance. I asked for a flawless match and so it was. Not even on the occasion of the goal conceded by us, can I say that there was an imperfection in the defensive department because this shot came from the right which was perhaps intended to be a cross and which, aided by the wind, was transformed into a unstoppable conclusion, with the complicity of the post. Our team responded effectively to the requests and we are on the right path so that, with the matches still to be played, we can obtain the points necessary to aim as high as possible.”

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