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Giro d’Italia: Putin’s gasoline appears and you feel like Sicily

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Giro d’Italia: Putin’s gasoline appears and you feel like Sicily

The start of the third stage in Kaposvar

The race after three days moves to Italy. In Hungary great cycling and enthusiasm but the shadow of war is heavy

BALATONFURED. How many people on the streets of Hungary. In Budapest and on the way to Visegrad on Friday, in the time trial on Saturday, Sunday on the shores of Lake Balaton, there is a burst of enthusiasm in a country that has perhaps kicked off the pandemic too soon because if you enter a club with a mask they look at you like a plagued.

And the stages? Cyclistically speaking, for the organizers of the Giro d’Italia, engaged for years in a mad rush to try not to lose further detachment of popularity and money from his majesty Tour de France, it was a great departure from abroad. Van der Poel is a winner and in pink, and is one of the symbolic characters of cycling, with a crowd of oranje journalists in tow who even in Dumoulin’s time in pink had not seen each other, Simon Yates winner of the time trial and able to uncork the victory and unleash the fight for the pink jersey, then the sprint on the shores of the great lake.

A service area of ​​the Russian Lukoil on the way to Lake Balaton

Before, however, an obligatory stop at a service area on the Via del Balathon yesterday, obligatory because a rental car must be returned with a full tank, made us sick. “Lukoil”, six letters which is like saying Putin or so. The oil of those who are massacring a country and terrorizing the world continues to flow in Hungary.

“It is vital for our economy,” Prime Minister Orban said, evading the further sanctions against Russia wanted by Europe. It is true, the people of a country do not have to pay the honor of their bosses, but at that precise moment we had a mad desire to land in Sicily. In Europe. The real one.

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