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Guangdong VS Tianjin analysis: Guangdong’s strength far surpasses its opponent Tianjin and needs to maintain three-point shooting rate_Playoffs_Regular season_Liaoning

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Guangdong VS Tianjin analysis: Guangdong’s strength far surpasses its opponent Tianjin and needs to maintain three-point shooting rate_Playoffs_Regular season_Liaoning

Original title: Guangdong VS Tianjin analysis: Guangdong’s strength far exceeds its opponent Tianjin needs to maintain three-point shooting rate

On April 1st, Beijing time, the highly anticipated CBA playoffs will kick off in the Nanchang Division. In the first round of 12 into 8 games, 8 teams will fight against each other, the winner will advance to the next round, and the top 4 regular season teams will play 8 into 4 in the second round of the playoffs with the first round bye. At 15:00 on April 1, the Guangdong men’s basketball team and the Tianjin men’s basketball team will start the first game of the playoffs.

This season, the Guangdong team only ranked fifth with a record of 26 wins and 12 losses, which is the worst result in the history of the regular season team in 20 years. Because the Shandong team made a free throw in the last round in overtime, the Guangdong team’s opponent in the first round of the playoffs changed from the Shandong team to the Tianjin team. At the post-match press conference, Du Feng also criticized some players for just wanting to take a break early.

It is a fact that the Guangdong team is not in good shape this year, but Guangdong’s playoff experience and Du Feng’s coaching ability are also recognized by all teams. In the last two seasons, the Guangdong team was slightly inferior to the Liaoning team on paper and still won consecutive championships.

In the history of the CBA league, the lowest regular season ranking of the team that won the championship is 4th (the Beijing team won the championship twice with the 4th). In other words, the 5th in the regular season has never won the championship. It is worth looking forward to whether the Guangdong team can break this law.

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In terms of the overall strength of the team and the position of the players, the Guangdong team is a lot higher than the Tianjin team. Yi Jianlian, Zhou Peng, Hu Mingxuan, Xu Jie, Zhao Rui, and Ren Junfei are all national players. The Tianjin team is only Shi Deshuai who has participated in the national training camp. Team.

In terms of foreign aid, the two teams are not much different. The Guangdong team Weems has degraded more seriously this season, and another new foreign aid, Ledo, has performed ups and downs. The Tianjin team’s two foreign aids, Burton and Rochester, are the team’s two engines, and the three-point shooting rate has always remained at a high level. However, it should be noted that the Tianjin team will no longer enjoy the preferential policy of foreign aid in four quarters and five times in the playoffs. Like other teams, there are four times in four quarters.

The Tianjin team achieved crazy overtaking in the third stage and ranked 11th in the 37th round with an 8-game winning streak, but the Tianjin team lost to the Xinjiang team in the last round and finally ranked 12th. This is the Tianjin team entering the playoffs again after 8 years. The Tianjin team is now nicknamed the “Jinzhou Warriors” by many fans – 1,424 three-pointers and 523 hits in 38 league rounds, ranking first in the league. In the third stage, the Tianjin team made more three-pointers, and there were many pitchers. They averaged about 15 three-pointers per game, and the average three-point shooting rate per game was about 41%.

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Against the Guangdong team, which is much stronger than itself, Tianjin team must continue to maintain a super high three-point shooting rate, and the second is to maintain the role of inside basket protection. The Guangdong team’s attacking and fouling ability of the striker and the back line is very strong. Zhang Zhaoxu, Meng Zikai and other inside players need to control the number of fouls.

In the first round against the eleven champions, the Tianjin team, which has completed the promotion task, needs to correct its mentality and give it a go. As long as you can win 1 game is the biggest victory. For the Guangdong team, they need to play against Zhejiang with 8 wins and 4 games. If they play three games with Tianjin, their physical strength will be at a huge disadvantage, so they will definitely win two games and advance to win precious rest time for themselves.

Regular season ranking: Guangdong No. 5, Tianjin No. 12

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