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Gunners new door god dedicated his effort to turn the tide, played 5 times this season, 4 games with zero seals_Ramsdale

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Original Title: The Gunners New Doorshen Dedicated To Turn The Storm In 5 Appearances In 4 Games This Season With Zero Seals

This summer, Arsenal introduced goalkeeper Ramsdale from Sheffield United. After the Three Lions came to Arsenal, he won the trust of coach Arteta within a short period of time and has already won from Leno’s hands. Take the position of the main goalkeeper, and the performance is remarkable. In this round of the Premier League, Arsenal drew a 0-0 draw with Brighton. Ramsdale stepped forward in the final stage of the game and made a key save to keep the goal.

Prior to this, Arsenal’s main goalkeeper position has been occupied by Leno. After Ramsdale joined Arsenal, his original position was Leno’s substitute. It wasn’t until the second round of the League Cup against West Brom that Ramsdale got the chance to start, staged his first show at Arsenal, and finally helped the Gunners win and advance. In the third round of the Premier League against Norwich, Ramsdale continued to get a starting opportunity. He did not live up to coach Arteta’s trust in him, once again completed zero seals, and helped the team win the first Premier League victory in the new season. Then Ramsdale completely settled the Gunners’ main goalkeeper position, thus pressing Leno on the bench. In the 5th round against Burnley and the 6th round against Tottenham in the North London derby, Ramsdale, who started the game, had outstanding performances.

This round of away games against Brighton, the gate guarded by Ramsdale has withstood many tests, and Brighton’s sharp offense frequently threatens Arsenal’s gate. Although Brighton’s shooting percentage is not high, Brighton has 21 shots in the game, and only 2 of them are on target, but the two shots that hit the target were resolved by Ramsdale, especially during the game. By the 85th minute, Brighton player March accepted the pass from his teammate and jumped high on the right side of the penalty area with a header from close range. Ramsdale reacted quickly and saved the ball sideways, finally defending. The gate is not lost.

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Since joining Arsenal, Ramsdale has played 5 times for Arsenal in all competitions. The Gunners have won 4 wins and 1 draw to remain undefeated. Among them, 4 games have completed zero seals. Ramsdale’s outstanding performance can be said to be a very successful signing for Arsenal this summer. Earlier, some fans ridiculed Ramsdale’s own relegation attributes, but the Three Lions has proved that he is indeed the top level of the Premier League in the position of goalkeeper, and he is worthy to get the main position in the BIG6 team.Return to Sohu to see more


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