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Guo Shiqiang: The Guangzhou boss trusts me 100%

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Guo Shiqiang: The Guangzhou boss trusts me 100%

Original title: Guo Shiqiang: The boss in Guangzhou trusts me 100%

News on May 20, recently, Guangzhou men’s basketball coach Guo Shiqiang accepted an exclusive interview with “New Express”.

Guo Shiqiang has coached the Guangzhou team for three years. This year, Guo Shiqiang renewed his contract with the Guangzhou team for five years. Talking about the details of the contract renewal, Guo Shiqiang said: “Eight years is indeed a long time for a coach. When the team owner talked to me, He wanted me to renew the contract for a longer period of time (more than five years). After discussion, we finally reached an agreement to renew the contract for five years.

The boss has 100% trust in me. When I chatted with him for the first time, he told me that “professional people do professional things”. After saying this, I felt very at ease. The trust of the boss is a very happy thing for our coaching team.

We need time most now. The improvement and progress of the players must be accumulated slowly through daily training and competitions. In addition, I told our management to keep the current team of domestic players.

And the construction of our echelon is also very important. I told Mr. Cui (Cui Chuang, the general manager of the Dragon and Lions) that you have to keep going out to find young players. When you get back, my task is to help him improve through training. This kind of echelon construction also requires a long-term plan. “

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Talking about the pressure of coaching, Guo Shiqiang said: “Coaching is a high-risk industry, which is the same all over the world. But I love this job very much. No matter how stressful I am, I can bear it. In fact, I have no way To adjust, I am a very boring person, I don’t have any hobbies, and I bear all the pressure by myself, I like to sit quietly and be alone. Because I feel that I can bear these pressures.”Return to Sohu to see more


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