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“I take three pills and before the game I inject myself to play”

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“I take three pills and before the game I inject myself to play”

Luis Suárez to Join Inter Miami, Reveals Struggle with Knee Injury

Luis Suárez has been bidding farewell to his current team, Gremino, as he prepares to make a move to Inter Miami, a decision influenced by his close friend Lionel Messi. At 36 years old, Suárez is determined to make the most of what may be his final adventure as a professional footballer. However, in a recent interview, Suárez revealed the physical toll that his body has been enduring, particularly related to a knee injury from 2020 surgery while at Barcelona.

Suárez explained, “On the outside of my knee I have tension that I had left from surgery in 2020 when I was in Barcelona. In the last stage of recovery, the pandemic came and I had to do exercises on my own and I couldn’t finish stretching my knee. On the inside I have cartilage wear and that hits the bone. It doesn’t generate liquid because I couldn’t even move it, but it gets stuck and I can’t even bend it. The nights before the games I take three pills and before the game I inject myself with a Voltaren (anti-inflammatory), if I don’t do that I can’t play.”

Despite his physical struggles, Suárez has continued to deliver impressive performances on the field, with his latest display being a significant goal for Grêmio in their victory against Vasco da Gama. As he moves towards a new chapter with Inter Miami, Suárez’s departure from Gremino has been marked by heartfelt farewells and celebrations for his contributions to the team.

With an illustrious season under his belt, Suárez’s move to Inter Miami has sparked excitement as the team eagerly awaits the addition of the star striker. As the Herons prepare for the upcoming season, which includes a preseason filled with friendly matches, the anticipation for Suárez’s arrival continues to grow.

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The news of Suárez’s struggles with his knee injury has shed light on the challenges he has faced, and his determination to continue excelling on the field despite the obstacles. As he looks ahead to his future in the MLS with Inter Miami, Suárez’s presence is sure to bring a new level of excitement and energy to the team.

As fans eagerly await the start of the 2024 season, Suárez’s pending arrival at Inter Miami adds a new layer of anticipation and excitement for what promises to be an eventful and memorable chapter in the star striker’s career.

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