Home Sports If you want temperament and Qizhi, this sport will be given to you

If you want temperament and Qizhi, this sport will be given to you

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If you want temperament and Qizhi, this sport will be given to you

If you want temperament and Qizhi, this sport will be given to you

2022-05-08 19:34:40Source: Xi’an News Network

When you mention “rugby”, what is the first shot that comes to your mind? Is it the hot-blooded high school arena in the movie “Lights of Victory”? Is it the NFL “Super Bowl” showdown known as “American Spring Festival Gala”? Or is it a fierce confrontation scene where a group of sturdy men collide with each other on the court, tackle and intercept, and turn their backs? Today, Flag Football, a sport different from American football, has gradually become popular in Xi’an. As a non-contact, zero-equipment, small-field rugby game, flag rugby does not have high requirements on the number, age and physical fitness of the participants. Even with zero sports foundation, it can be quickly integrated into the team and can achieve the same game for men and women. sports.

Temperament!It is a new choice for trendy outdoor sports

In the evening of early summer, on an outdoor artificial turf field in Qujiang, Xi’an, Dream Huddle, the first club in Xi’an focused on promoting flag rugby, started a routine “activity time”. Under the leadership of the four coaches, the curtain of the “Xiaobai Training Camp” training was opened on time. “We organize training camps for beginners and advanced people at a relatively fixed time every week, two hours at a time, with about 30 people. Now, as long as you publish information on social media or ‘friends circle’, almost They are all filled within a few minutes. Everyone thinks that this is a team sport that is not easy to get injured, and has a special temperament, which is especially suitable for playing together outdoors.” The young and handsome coach Xie Ding Yichen introduced with a smile. Xie Ding Yichen, whose hometown is in Shanxi, is now a physical education teacher at Chang’an University. Eight years ago, he first came into contact with flag football on the campus of Beijing Sports University, where he was studying. “At that time, the sport had been introduced to China. It has been several years, but the popularity is not too high. I practiced the 110-meter hurdles in high school, and my physical fitness is not bad. In addition, there are many fellow villagers in the school team, and the atmosphere is very good, so I ‘entered the pit’.” According to him, as the world‘s largest professional rugby league NFL branch in China, “NFL China” began to vigorously promote flag rugby events in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places as early as 19 years ago. In the national university group and open group competitions, I represented the school and won the national championship for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019. Later, in order to expand its influence, the competition was not only held in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, but also in Xi’an, Shenyang, Wuhan and other places held.”

In September last year, Xie Dingyichen chose to work in Xi’an after graduating from graduate school. After work, he spared no effort to promote flag football as his biggest hobby. “There were some rugby players in Xi’an before, but those who really focus on playing flag rugby. It’s not too much, so I especially want to share my experience and technology with more friends.”
Under the leadership of Xie Ding Yichen and others, many young people have been successfully “planted grass” and began to like flag football, including Gary, who used to be a golfer. “I prefer the passion and teamwork of flag football. Although it is not a so-called ‘gentleman’s sport’, its emphasis on bravery, unity, mission, and discipline all give the sport a fascinating and unique temperament.” Zeng Gary, who is studying abroad and in Shanghai and other places, also said frankly: “Xi’an has a good atmosphere of playing ‘Yanqi’. It will not make it difficult for beginners to integrate. On the contrary, everyone will encourage each other.” After speaking, he just finished a training session. He rushed to the field again in class. It turned out that Gary, who was afraid that he would not be able to get a place in the camp, signed up for two classes in one go.

There are wonders! I don’t like red makeup and I like to play “waist flag”

“There are many children in Gucheng, who don’t like red clothes and love ‘waist flags’! Friends who asked me why I like to play waist flag rugby are now brought to this field by me. Many of them are like me. Girls.” Fan Chen, who has a light hair on the temples and does not wear Fendai, is a professional e-sports agent. She started working in rugby four years ago. When she was working in Shanghai, she personally felt the rapid development of flag rugby and understood it. Why so many girls like to get involved.

“Shanghai is one of the earliest cities in China to develop a flag football community. They have done a good job in community organization, campus promotion, and event operation. Since last year, with the development of online social platforms such as Xiaohongshu, Vigorously promote, many outdoor niche sports have ushered in a new opportunity for leapfrog development. Take Xi’an for example. Since the beginning of this year, the number of participants in flag football has also increased like Shanghai, Beijing and other places. The two WeChat groups you are in have more than 1,000 people, and there are more and more female players.”

In Fan Chen’s opinion, flag football is relatively safe. Although the game is confrontational, the rules strictly limit excessive contact with the body. The defensive player mainly stops the attack by pulling off the waist flag of the offensive player with the ball. , so as to avoid unnecessary injuries caused by physical collision between players. Compared with the high-intensity and physical confrontation of American football, the “non-collision sport” of flag football is the same as the ultimate Frisbee. , is a kind of rugby game that is very suitable for girls and teenagers to participate in, “It doesn’t matter if you can’t run fast or jump high in flag rugby, you can use flexibility to run the ball and attack, which is particularly attractive to girls. There will be more boys, and there will be no shortage of boys.”

It was through Xiaohongshu that Wang Yidan learned about flag rugby and joined the “Xiaobai Training Camp”. For the first time, she and her husband, Mr. Tian, ​​signed up for the event, and their children also watched the game on the sidelines. “I used to do sports in the gym before. Although I can sweat and lose fat, I still prefer flag football, which can breathe fresh air. I can also participate in outdoor team sports in the company of my family. Feel it. , I found that there is almost no physical confrontation in this sport, and the rules are very interesting, we will sign up for training next time.” Mr. Tian on the side smiled: “To be honest, the amount of warm-up exercise at the beginning was quite large, if it weren’t for everyone To encourage each other and create a good team atmosphere together, I don’t think I can hold on to it.”

There are flags!Increasing popularity on campus and in the community

The power of role models and flags is limitless, and so is the development of flag football. Chen Yuxiao, a young man from Hanzhong came to Xi’an to study in 2018. In 2019, he formed a football team in Xi’an Peihua College where he was studying. Now, with the efforts of this growing team, more and more football-loving students are on campus. As more and more, Peihua College also follows the trend to open the elective courses of flag football and American football, which is a precedent among colleges and universities in the province.

“In the beginning, there were only me and a senior in the team. We started to formulate plans and organize training with the belief of ‘introducing such a great sport to more people’. Gradually, the first batch of fresh blood in the team was formed. Influx, many of them are ‘lazy cancer’, ‘fat house’, ‘game controller’ and other roles, and they all hope to change their original lazy lifestyle by participating in football training.” After a semester of hard training, This young team performed well in an American football game in Xi’an. Although they lost to the Xi’an Sports Institute team by one point, their united and fearless spirit made many people remember “Xi’an Peihua University University” Hornets Football Team” name and distinctive team culture. After the first year’s defeat, they regrouped, trained hard day after day, and finally won the championship in the second year. “Currently, several colleges and universities in Xi’an, including our school, Xi’an Sports Institute, and Eurasian College, have their own football teams, and other schools are also preparing to build teams. In addition to communicating with college teams, we will also communicate with Cloud Leopard, Mirage. These adult teams play games, and in the team recruiting and daily training, the students often play waist flag football. After all, the ‘waist flag’ is safer to play and has a lower entry threshold, and every participant can enjoy it. Among them.” Chen Yuxiao hopes to let more people understand the charm of rugby through flag rugby, so as to select more potential players for the Hornets.

He Qifan, 28, is a busy practitioner in the advertising industry. Influenced by his football fan father, he likes sports since childhood and has also tried many extreme sports such as BMX. By chance in 2017, he came into contact with rugby, “I fell in love with it very quickly. Playing rugby can make me more confident and expand my circle of friends. Although I am very busy with work, I still have to insist at least every week. Play once in the community stadium.” He Qifan also likes flag football very much. He said that playing the “waist flag” does not require much equipment, and the way of pulling the flag during the game is similar to tearing up a famous brand, which is very entertaining. sex. In addition, it also retains the unique charm of the rugby game, which requires tactical design, division of labor and cooperation, and the combination of physical and mental strength. “So, flag rugby is becoming more and more popular in various communities. I want to play together in Xi’an in the future.” There will definitely be more people with the flag!” He Qifan, who is quite appealing among his peers, looks forward to sharing the joy and passion of flag football with more people.Text / Jin Pengtu, All Media Reporter of Xi’an Newspaper Industry / Xie Wei, Video Reporter

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