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Inter-Juve, Allegri: ‘Nice performance, this point weighs a lot. Up Church … ‘

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The Juventus coach after the 1-1 draw at Inter: “Church? For such a physical match I needed Kulusevski, who did well. After the bad start we left the bases in defense, slowly we will go up “

“This point weighs a lot because it came after a good performance”. Massimiliano Allegri sees, at least in the declarations, the glass much more than half full after the same last minute penalty at San Siro with Inter straightening a game that risked being dismissed as a heavy stop. And instead Allegri finds a way to declaim the virtues of his team’s evening: “Before the equalizer there were two or three situations in which we did not close the action, in which we had to do better. Then we played a little higher, with more confidence, against an excellent Inter, which is a physical team and has technique: we needed such a performance. It is an important point, we keep Inter on three points, but we must win games first of all to continue the positive streak and then to nibble a few more points before the break ”.

Church from the bench

What is behind the decision to leave with Chiesa from the bench? “It’s simple, I gave the line-up and put it out,” joked Allegri, who then explained the reasons: “It could have been a more physical game at the beginning and I needed a player like Kulusevski who made a good game at the beginning put pressure on Brozovic. Then the rhythms dropped, between Dybala, Kaio Jorge, Arthur, a growth in condition and confidence, it was the right time for him. Tonight after a good match is a good point, but now we have to win against Sassuolo ”.

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More confidence and higher

One of the points on which Allegri often insists is the need for the team to gain confidence: “It mainly depends on the first three games, in which we left eight points out of nine and it conditioned us a bit. We had to start from the basics, that is a good order in the defensive phase to gain confidence and move forward, now ten to twenty meters and then it will be a little more ”. And on the possibility of playing less low, he explained: “In the first half, Inter raised the pace but we got up a lot both with Morata, with Kulusevski and with McKennie, then we made a mistake because we were too hasty: to succeed with continuity we need that those in front direct and give the first pressure well ”.

The ticket and the change

Allegri is in a good mood and jokes on the note that the cameras pinched, brought by Kaio Jorge to Bonucci on the occasion of the last change: “It was certainly a dead ball stuff, the responsibility lies with Landucci”, laughs the coach, who does not not even a case of the goal scored in ten when Bernardeschi asked to wait a minute instead of letting Bentancur enter immediately: “It’s a coincidence, Bernardeschi said to wait a moment, I waited a moment and … But it was a goal fortunately enough, we weren’t supposed to catch it even in ten. We need to improve in closing the action: we get there too many times and the ball passes into the area, but these are situations that must be closed “.

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brazil youth

Closing with two strokes. One for Arthur: “He is an extraordinary player. He has an important dribble property, especially when Dybala is in the middle ”. And above all for Kaio Jorge: “He’s awake, he knows how to play football. He has good technique and I think he has an excellent chance of finding space and doing well, he has personality ”.


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