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Inter-Nandez: Agoumé and Nainggolan in Cagliari in a maxi exchange?

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The 25-year-old ready for Hakimi’s legacy: it is worth 30 million, Radja and the French talent can be included in the deal. Bellerin also remains in the viewfinder

These days there is a lot of chatting between Cagliari and Inter, ideas are not lacking and some might even blossom. There is talk of midfielders just waiting to return to the beloved island, of Nerazzurri talent needing to gain experience in the province and, above all, of rossoblù wards ready to jump into the home of the Italian champions. A pot of different ingredients to combine in a single dish. So Inter, which tries to satisfy Nainggolan in his desire for Sardinia, would like to simultaneously enlist Nahitan Nandez, a midfielder who has also shown a good predisposition to play on the wing, with the Nerazzurri. To reach the goal she is ready to use the Lucien Agoumé card, just 19 years old, with enormous potential and appreciated by Leonardo Semplici. The two Inter-owned players can become the key to reaching Cagliari’s Uruguayan, all in the presence of certain circumstances: it is a market opportunity on the table, time will tell if it will be caught.

The puzzle

About twenty days ago Nainggolan had found a principle of agreement with Inter: there was the ok for a good exit to terminate the contract before continuing the adventure in the rossoblù, this time outright. From that moment on, however, there was a stop and the consequence is that the Ninja is sweating for Inzaghi at Pinetina and also started on Wednesday in the first friendly match with Sarnico. Cagliari, however, remains an almost inevitable landing, even if the real problem is the Belgian’s big salary: eight gross a year from which Inter wants to get rid of to implement their savings policy. However, there are too many millions for Cagliari’s habits. If the Nerazzurri were to meet the Sardinians on this ground, the Nandez deal would also go downhill: the 36 million clause could be slightly eroded and the total valuation would stop at around thirty million. At least from the start, there is still too high a figure for Inter’s troubled finances, but the scenario would definitely change if, in addition to Radja himself, there was room to include a precious piece of the Nerazzurri nursery like Agoumé in the operation. Inter are ready to venture into these places after a careful technical evaluation: the Uruguayan, who also comes from inside midfield, has shown that he knows how to adapt to the right wing and this makes him a suitable replacement for Achraf Hakimi. For endurance, speed and habit of assisting he is considered a perfect fifth in Inzaghi’s rising 3-5-2. In addition, it would plug a hole in midfield if necessary or, in an emergency, it could also be diverted to the other wing, as already happened last season when Cagliari lacked Lykogiannis. The coach who most of all believed in his winger streak, also shown in the America’s Cup in Uruguay shirt, was Leonardo Semplici. The coach yesterday put a tombstone on the 25-year-old’s Sardinian future: “Nandez is one of those with the most market, so we should make a sacrifice,” he admitted. The Premier League, especially Bielsa’s Leeds, has long since set their sights on Uruguay, but this entry into the field of Inter completely changes the scenario. And a lot will also depend on the payment formula: if in Cagliari they opened up to a redemption obligation after a season on loan, or in any case to an installment, the margins to get to a square would undoubtedly be greater. Always net of the counterparts, far from trivial: the fate of Nainggolan can no longer be separated from Sardinia, but even Agoumé (whose value is around ten million) has the complete approval of Semplici. And on the same Cagliari-Milan axis is also added Dalbert’s trip to Sardinia: the Brazilian’s agents were yesterday in the Sardinian retreat where they met with President Tommaso Giulini and the agreement is now almost found for a loan with redemption at 7. After all, this too is a piece of the maxi-puzzle between the Nerazzurri and the Rossoblù.

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The others

Nandez is an opportunity that does not extinguish the other ideas cultivated by the CEO. Beppe Marotta and the sports director Piero Ausilio: Hector Bellerin would come running to Milan, he said directly to Arsenal, but we need an ok (not yet arrived) to the simple “right” of redemption after a year of loan. At the moment the British are firm in their position – obligation or nothing – but the feeling is that we will have to wait. Indeed, with the right dose of patience, in this asphyxiated market, new doors could also open for the post-Hakimi: Davide Zappacosta, for example, is at Chelsea, but is only waiting for a call from Milan.


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