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Jiaxing Tenth National Games will meet in Pinghu in May

2023-04-26 10:41:53

Source: Sport Tribune

Correspondent Zhu Xiaoyan

On April 25, the press conference of the 10th Jiaxing Games was held in Pinghu. This Jiaxing City Games will be held in Pinghu for the first time, and will focus on competitions from May to September. The opening ceremony is planned to be held on June 2 at the Pinghu Sports Center Stadium.

It was learned at the meeting that there will be a total of more than 13,000 athletes and referees in this session of the Municipal Games, and it is estimated that the number of participants and participants in the opening and closing ceremonies will exceed 15,000. There will be two categories in the competition, the Youth Division and the Adult Division, and there will be 28 competition events, and more than 4,000 medals will be produced in total. Except for the kayaking and rowing of the adult department held in Jiashan, and the gymnastics held in Jiaxing City, other events are held in Pinghu. The emblem of the 10th National Games and the images of the mascots “Guibao” and “Yueyue” were also announced at the meeting.

This year’s Municipal Games is the one with the largest scale, the most abundant events and the most athletes participating. At that time, not only Jiaxing’s local Olympic champion Wang Yilyu will appear, but the opening performance will also fully integrate Jiaxing’s local cultural characteristics. In addition, in order to be in line with the Olympic Games and the National Games, this year’s City Games resumed adult competitions, adding five competitions including archery, baseball, martial arts Sanda, hip-hop, and 3-a-side basketball. In order to reflect digital empowerment, the WeChat mini-program “Handheld 10 Games” was also specially developed to set personalized reminders for each event participant, enabling one-click query of event venues, regulations, results, etc. on the palm.

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This is the first time that the Jiaxing City Games will be hosted by a county (city, district). The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Sports Bureau said that this will stimulate the potential of the county (city, district) to host the event and make the event the “most beautiful window” to show the charm of Jiaxing city “. At the same time, it also hopes to increase the utilization rate of local venues, set off a mass fitness boom, and promote the comprehensive development of competitive sports and mass sports in Jiaxing.

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