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Kong Fanyu wins the women’s freestyle skiing aerials competition: The goal is the Milan Winter Olympics – Sports – China Engineering Network

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Women’s Freestyle Skiing Aerials Competition: Kong Fanyu Takes Gold, Xu Mengtao Misses the Podium

In an exhilarating display of athleticism and skill, Kong Fanyu emerged victorious in the freestyle skiing open group women’s aerials competition at the Zhalantun Division of the 14th National Winter Games.

Competing against a field of 12 skilled athletes, Kong Fanyu, a bronze medalist at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, soared to the top of the podium, showcasing her exceptional talent and years of dedication to the sport. Her stunning performance secured her the gold medal, marking a significant milestone in her aerial skills career.

Meanwhile, Xu Mengtao, the reigning champion of the event at the Beijing Winter Olympics, faced a disappointing outcome as she missed the podium, landing in fifth place. Despite a strong start in the qualifying round, Xu Mengtao faltered in her final jump, resulting in a lower score and ultimately thwarting her chances of securing a medal in the competition.

The intense battle for supremacy in the aerials competition captivated a large audience, with many spectators, including parents and children, eagerly cheering on the Winter Olympics champions.

For Xu Mengtao, the setback serves as a motivating force as she sets her sights on the 2026 Milan Winter Olympics. Having taken a break following the Beijing Winter Olympics, Xu Mengtao recently returned to the training ground and has expressed her determination to continue pursuing her Olympic dreams.

In contrast, Kong Fanyu’s victory at the National Winter Games represents a culmination of her impressive career in freestyle skiing. With numerous accolades and triumphs to her name, including World Cup championships and an Olympic bronze medal, Kong Fanyu has established herself as one of the top female aerials athletes in China.

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Despite enduring setbacks and challenges, Kong Fanyu’s unwavering commitment to her sport has propelled her to new heights, exemplifying the power of perseverance and focus in achieving one’s dreams. As she sets her sights on the Milan Winter Olympics, Kong Fanyu remains determined to continue excelling in her craft and etching her name in the annals of freestyle skiing history.

The exhilarating competition and inspiring performances of Kong Fanyu and Xu Mengtao serve as testaments to the resilience and dedication of athletes in pursuit of excellence on the world stage. As the journey to the 2026 Milan Winter Olympics begins, these remarkable athletes stand as shining examples of the unwavering pursuit of Olympic glory.

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