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Maaseik returns to (provisional) leadership position (Maaseik)

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Volleybal Lotto Volley League – Champions Play-offs

Maaseik –

Maaseik’s engine continues to run at full speed. Greenyard was a few sizes too big for Menen on Saturday and can once again call itself the leader in these play-offs.

Fulvio Bertini had one change in store on this fourth matchday: Landon Currie, recovered from his thigh injury, took his place as the libero again. Iribarne therefore disappeared to the hopping corner. Maaseik immediately grabbed Menen by the throat. Storage bombs from Vanker, Hanzic and Cox turned the visiting reception line into firewood. Set one was over in no time.

Thanks to Perezic and Dukic, the visitors got a better grip on the match in the second inning. But Bartos and an unstoppable Cox – the Maaseik captain scored no less than 76% – made a decisive intermediate sprint halfway through. Hanzic and Polak secured the 2-0 lead.

© Dick Demey

Menen did not capitalize and, with Van de Velde on serve, ran out to 3-7. A time-out brought relief to Maaseik, which again took hold in every rally. Vanker varied well and allowed Fornès to make several devastating plays in the middle. Menen held on until 23-23, but a miss by De Vleeschhauwer at 24-23 proved fatal for the West Flemish.

In the standings, the Maaslanders jump over Roeselare again to the lead. Knack can change that again on the Waremme field on Sunday, provided they win.

Sets: 25-16, 25-20, 25-23.

Maaseik: Polak 3, Bartos 13, Hanzic 15, Cox 20, Vanker 1, Fornès 10. Libero: Currie. Arrived in: Lindqvist, Berkhout.

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Menen: Perezic 11, Peric 4, Vandecaveye 3, Van Hoyweghen 2, Van de Velde 5, Dukic 13. Libero: Bille. Arrived in: De Vleeschhauwer 4, Vanneste 2, Ocket, Verhamme 1.

© Dick Demey

© Dick Demey

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