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Massacre at school in Texas, the husband of the ‘heroin’ teacher died of a heart attack – Foreign

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Massacre at school in Texas, the husband of the ‘heroin’ teacher died of a heart attack – Foreign

New York, May 26, 2022 – Tragedy within tragedy. He died of a heart attack Irma Garcia’s husband, one of the two teachers of the primary school of Uvalde, killed while shielding the little pupils with her body. Her death comes two days after massacre, which cost the lives of 21 people (including 19 children) and while it rages the controversy over delays in police intervention. According to the family, Joe Garcia he could not stand the pain of losing his wife, to whom he had been married for 24 years. “He has lost the love of his life,” wrote a cousin, Debra Austin, on Twitter, recalling that this year the couple would have celebrated their silver wedding.

The two had four children: Major Cristian has just joined the Marines, the youngest is still in middle school. In between, another boy enrolled at Texas State University and another girl in the penultimate year of high school. In the town of 15,000 inhabitants, everyone knows each other: Irma and Joe had gone to the same high school and fell in love there 30 years ago.

Ed “is alive and in stable conditions “the grandmother by Salvador Ramos, the first against which the shots of the young killer were directed. To pay homage to the victims is also arriving today Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry. Jeans, shirt and cap, she gathered in front of an impromptu memorial where she placed flowers.

The investigation into the massacre

And in the meantime, the police – who, as mentioned, ended up in the eye of the storm for intervening almost an hour after the slaughter began – defends itself, claiming to have arrived a few minutes after the Salvador Ramos began to shoot. “The agents followed him into the institute and then called for reinforcements,” said Victor Escalon, director of the Southern Texas Security Department. “Most of the shots were fired in the initial stages, before the arrival of the police – he explained later today in a press conference -. Ramos started shooting outside the school, from the parking lot. He fired many, many shots”. The young killer “was not confronted by anyone” outside the school, the director general said, denying press reports according to which Ramos had had a “confrontation” with a school guard. “He hasn’t met anyone from his grandmother’s house to the school. He has entered the building unhindered from the front door,” he pointed out. “We have to understand why he was him.”

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They were instead the special teams of the Border Patrol Tactical Unit to arrive at the elementary school “an hour after” the killer entered and killed him, Escalon said again. The local police and the school security guards “entered after four minutes. They heard gunshots from fire, they did some reconnaissance rounds and then took cover, “he added.

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