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Media person: The root cause of the accelerated decline of Chinese football is that the foundation of the Chinese Super League has been destroyed – yqqlm

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Media person: The root cause of the accelerated decline of Chinese football is that the foundation of the Chinese Super League has been destroyed – yqqlm

Original title: Media people: The root cause of the accelerated decline of Chinese football is that the foundation of the Chinese Super League has been destroyed

Sohu Sports News, on April 10th, Beijing time, Xu Jiang, a media person, posted on his personal social media, talking about his understanding of Chinese football. He said that the problem of Chinese football is not only the youth training, but the root cause is that the foundation of the Chinese Super League has been thoroughly destroyed.

When it comes to the problem of Chinese football, many people talk about how the youth training of Chinese football is, how small the youth training population is, and that the urgent problem is to start the youth training and let the children play football. This sounds reasonable, but it’s actually a distraction.Isn’t the top priority of Chinese football to make the professional league come alive? Youth training is the foundation and the future, but the professional league is dying. What future are you talking about?

Many people don’t even realize it.The accelerated decline of Chinese football today is rooted in the fact that the foundation of the Chinese Super League has been completely destroyedthe Chinese Super League cannot provide personnel reserves for the national team. In the past five years, in fact, only the 85-88 players have relied on the 85-88 players to renew their lives for the Chinese men’s football team at the end of their careers. Now, the 85-88 players have retired from history. After the stage, the Chinese national team could not beat Vietnam.

Let’s try to chat and see if we can reach some basic consensus, such as how a healthy young player should be promoted?

A team has an alternation of old and new, and the old is gradually replaced by the young. Sometimes, it may not be that the old players are not capable enough, or that the old players are incapable of playing games, but that the team must consciously complete the transition between the old and the new, and there may be some sacrifices in performance. This is actually a matter of choice.

Why should the newcomer take the top? Rely on your own efforts and training to win the trust of the coaches and the old players. Coupled with a little policy inclination, the scale of this inclination is made by the club itself.

For example, in a 30-year-old veteran with an annual salary of 5 million, his comprehensive ability is 8 points, and a 23-year-old player with an annual salary of 1 million has a comprehensive ability of 7 points. The club could choose the $5 million veteran, but it could also save $4 million to use the 23-year-old. Is there a big difference in ability? The autonomy of this choice lies with the club, and there is no one standard answer.

Let’s talk about the U23’s policy now. How poisonous it is. I can clearly say that this anti-football policy directly destroys the most basic thing in the league – fairness.

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A young player is not in the first team or the starting lineup because of his ability, but because of policy requirements. So when this young player signed a contract with an annual salary of tens of millions of dollars without playing a league game, and signed it for five years, what is fairness?

From the day the U23 policy came out, the competitors of these U23 players were not the other players in the team. He did not need to compete with the 25-year-old, 26-year-old and 27-year-old players. His competitors were to suppress the U23 age of the same age. player. I’m pressing down on the guy my age, and I can play as a starter. In many cases, there is no competition, because there may be only 1-2 players of U23 age. If he does not want to play, the coach must arrange him to start.

Wait until he has played in the Chinese Super League for a year and becomes 24 years old. Goodbye, your place will be replaced by an U23 player. How can he improve? How can players of their age improve? They are not trained in competition at all.

The Chinese Football Association, you want young players to have the opportunity to play, why must they be in the Chinese Super League? Can’t you let them go to the China League One for training? You can ask the Chinese League to set a U23 quota, or even a U21 quota. A major player in youth training like Luneng can completely loan players to Chinese League One teams. If they play good players, Luneng can take them back and play in the Chinese Super League the following year, or sell them directly.

In this way, if there is no U23 player policy in the Chinese Super League, can there still be U23 players with an annual salary of tens of millions? The Chinese Super League teams will still be in a normal competitive environment. On the contrary, because of the U23 policy, many veterans are directly forced to come to the Chinese League, which should really be a place for young players to train and grow. I didn’t see young players, but they were all promoted to the Chinese Super League. Is it reasonable that many Mesozoic players who are currently playing go to the China League One to continue their football career?

Young players, if you play in China League One, if you play well, there will naturally be a Chinese Super League team looking at you and giving you a better contract and a higher salary.

Shouldn’t the normal league system be like this? But we are not normal. When the U23 policy began, the league has lost its fairness, and the ecological environment of a league has changed.

Think of Liao Xiaohu back then, who came from the Chinese League One. In 1998, Liao Xiaohu ranked second in the League B of that year, and Tianjin TEDA ranked first. That year Yu Genwei was 24 years old. Zhang Yuning, Li Tie, Li Jinyu They are 21 years old.

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In 2009, Liaozu succeeded in Chongchao, and Yu Hanchao and Yang Xu became famous in China. That year, Yu Hanchao was 22 years old and Yang Xu was 21 years old.

In 2012, Shanghai East Asia rushed to the Super League, and Xu Genbao’s team also got enough training in the Chinese League. In the year of the Super League, East Asia left Cao Yunding, Wang Jiayu, Jiang Zhipeng, Gu Chao, Yan Junling became the main force, and the team still There are Wu Lei, Zhang Linpeng, Wang Shenchao, Bai Jiajun, and Fu Huan was mentioned by Xu Genbao to the first team that year. These are the stories that happened in the Chinese League.

Now, in the past ten years of Jinyuan Football, has there been a player in the Chinese League?

The Chinese League One, without the guidance of policies, failed to become the player promotion base of the Chinese Super League. What about the Chinese Super League?

The funny thing is that today, when the Chinese Super League has become an unpaid league, the Chinese Super League has expanded its army. Do you have the conditions to expand the army? I think normal thinking people, the answer is the same.

When the Chinese Super League first started discussing the U23 policy, Evergrande coach Cannavaro said that the Chinese Super League should not have an U23 policy. He said that the foreign aid quota could be reduced, such as using two foreign aid quotas, which would add a local player. of appearances. Later, at Cannavaro’s appeal, he failed to reduce the number of foreign aid in the Chinese Super League. The Football Association added another foreign aid quota, and the era of foreign aid came.

In a league, there are four foreign players, one goalkeeper, and one U23 player. There are still five positions left. There are foreign players in the forwards, foreign players in the attacking midfielders, foreign players in the midfielders, and foreign players in the central defenders. Unfortunately, with the reduction in the number of appearances, some players have fallen flat, because if you train or not, the contract salary is there, and if you work hard or not, it seems that the difference is not that big. If you can’t, just go. The Chinese League has been mixed for two years.

In a league, basic competition cannot be guaranteed, and the level of players has only one direction, going down.

There are four foreign players in the league, and the local players are basically central defenders, two left and right fullbacks, two left and right fullbacks, and another midfielder to grab the ball for foreign players. The most important thing in a Chinese Super League is the backcourt players. In the world of the axis, the forwards have changed their careers one after another. Let’s play central defenders and full-backs. Therefore, Yu Dabao, Zhang Yuan, and Zhu Ting have all come to the back line. No way, in order to continue to play, if you don’t change your position, will you retire?

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Occasionally, the few players who played No. 10 reluctantly came to the flank. Cao Yun decided to become a knife on the left. Zhang Xizhe never really played No. 10 in Guoan. , No. 10 Zheng Dalun became a full-back.

Under the league system of four foreign players, this is the status quo. My favorite striker Mao Jianqing, in 2007, when Director Zhu became a coach, he changed him to a left midfielder. Until he retired, he never returned to the place where his dream started.

This is the status quo of the Chinese Super League. The help of this league to the national team is basically negligible. In the later period of coaching the national football team, especially before the contract for the 2019 Asian Cup, Mr. Lippi chose to lie down and mess around, making the national football team miss the transition between the old and the new, but when Lippi left office, there was a sentence that was extremely accurate. , this team, there is no heavyweight player to provide support.

How to support? The defensive midfielder in the league, Wu Xi, is the captain of the national team. He is an auxiliary midfielder in Suning. It is Teixeira, Wakaso, not Wu Xi, who decides the life and death on the field. Is he a heavyweight? He is not. He may have been a little like that at one point, but slowly his role became a support.

So, who can tell me, in the Chinese Super League, which Chinese local player is the heavyweight player in the club? Have it? Ask him to stand up?

This is the current situation of the U23+ four foreign players in the Chinese Super League. There is no competitive atmosphere and no fairness. Everyone lies flat and blames the bad youth training?

So, Chinese football is waiting for the day when the youth training gets better? Sorry, this lie, I’ve heard it for years.

They told me that it was fine after 1997, but that team did not score a goal in the Asian Youth Championship in 1997;

They told me that after 1999 it was better, and then that team won Malaysia in the group stage and lost to Tajikistan;

They told me again that things were better after 2000,

Now they have started to tell me that after 2005 it will be fine.

I really want to say: they are all compatriots, why take me for a fool?

What I want to see is that he can survive in the Chinese Super League first.

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