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Men’s Table Tennis Team China beat South Korea 3-0 to enter the final

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Ma Long Xu Xin in the game.

On August 4, Beijing time, in the semi-finals of the men’s table tennis team at the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese team composed of Ma Long, Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong defeated the South Korean team 3-0 to enter the final. In the final, the opponent of the Chinese team will be the winner between the German team and the Japanese team.

In the first men’s doubles duel, Malone’s partner Xu Xin played, and soon won the South Korean team Lee Sang-soo/Jung Young-sik with 11:5, 11:5, 11:8, and the first victory.

In the first men’s singles match after that, Fan Zhendong played against South Korean player Zhang Yuzhen. In the first game, Fan Zhendong easily won 11:7. In the second game, Fan Zhendong fell behind 2:7, but Fan Zhendong played steadily and quickly caught up to 8 draws. After Fan Zhendong pulled out of bounds, he fell behind at 8:9. Subsequently, he scored 3 points in a row, 11:9 and then the next game. In the third game, Fan Zhendong started lagging behind, but quickly caught up from 3:6 to 6 draws. With 10 draws, 11 draws, 12 draws, 13 draws, and 14 draws, the game entered a stalemate stage. In the end, Fan Zhendong won the third game at 16:14, and the Chinese team had another victory.

In the second men’s singles match, Ma Long played against South Korea’s Lee Sang-soo. In the first game, Malone was a bit slower and fell behind 3:7. As the far station twisted and scored, Malone chased to a tie with 7. At 11:9, Malone came from behind to win the first game. At 11:8, Malone then won the second game. In the third game, Malone was pulled back by his opponent 9:11. In the fourth game, the two sides played stalemate, with 9 draws, 10 draws, 11 draws, 12 draws, and 13 draws. In the end, Malone lost another round at 13:15. In the fifth game, Malone was no longer soft and won 11:6.

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In this way, the Chinese team defeated the South Korean team with a total score of 3:0 and took the lead in entering the finals.

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