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Motorcycling, Valentino Rossi announces his retirement from racing at the end of the season

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«I have decided to stop at the end of the season. This will be the last half of the season as a Moto Gp rider ». This was announced by Valentino Rossi, 42, who has spent 25 on the circuit since his debut in the 125 class in 1996. «I’m very sorry, I would have liked to race another 20-25 years but unfortunately it’s not possible. But it was nice, there were unforgettable moments in which I had a lot of fun, I will always take this to me. From next year my life will change. I will not be racing with the bike, something I have done more or less for the last 30 years, it has been very, very nice ». On the board of the Tavullia champion there are 9 motorcycling world titles, 7 of which in the top flight.

Difficult decision

«I have lived unforgettable moments, of pure joy. It was a difficult decision, but you have to understand it because results make a difference in sport. When I started the championship I wanted to continue, but it was necessary to understand if I was fast enough and during the season the results were below expectations. I think it’s the right decision », Rossi continued at the Red Bull Ring about his retirement. «I would have the opportunity to compete with my team, with my brother, I would have liked it but that’s okay. We still have half of the season but I can’t complain about my career, ”he added.


Speaking of his victories, Rossi said he regretted not having won the tenth title: «I thought I deserved it, I lost twice in the last race. That’s how it went. I think I can’t complain about the results in my career ». Furthermore, «in Italy many people have started following motorcycle races for me, as happened in skiing with Tomba. This is the most important result I have achieved along with the results! I have entertained many people on their Sundays. I think that’s why I’m called a legend ».

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Projects for the future

And speaking of his future, Rossi confirmed that he loves «racing with cars, perhaps just less than with motorcycles. I think I will run with the machines but it is still an ongoing process. There is no decision made, I feel like a rider on a motorcycle or in a car and I will remain one for life. Maybe not at the same level but I think I’ll be racing anyway. I would like to race in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, there are many races around the world, I think I can have fun ».

Looking at an extraordinary career, the rider from Tavullia admits that «he will miss the life of an athlete, the emotions of racing in MotoGP and my whole team. And then the feeling you get on Sunday morning before the race, when you are afraid but you know that at 2 o’clock you will be on the track. Will be difficult”. Still half a season and then another page of life will open for Valentino Rossi, while the number 46 will be handed over to the history of engines.

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