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Nandez ever closer to Inter

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A few million still dance. Ceppitelli in recovery, yesterday the departure for Aritzo and tomorrow the friendly against Olbia

CAGLIARI. Rossoblù retreating in Aritzo, Godin and Farias in Assemini. But the fate of the new Cagliari is being decided in Milan with another interlocutory day of the infinite and delicate negotiation for the transfer of Nandez to Inter.

An ever closer agreement: every day there is an extra detail that brings the Uruguayan to the Nerazzurri. But even yesterday was not a decisive day. And between a million and the other to settle here and settle there, the deal isn’t done yet. Perhaps it is also a game of chess: Inter throws it on the fact that Nandez is “only” the substitute for Hakimi, Cagliari minimizes the key role of the operation in setting up all its market strategies. Starting with Nainggolan.

In fact, however, the situation at Cagliari home is shorter and shorter after Rog’s injury and the stop at Ladinetti. The pure midfielders remained seven: Deiola, Marin, Strootman, Oliva, Caligara, Biancu and Cavuoti. And, barring accelerations, these will be the players available with Mallorca and Cremonese. It is true that Semplici is always deploying two side in the line of four and this masks the situation. But the accounts, without Nainggolan and a few more men in between, may not come back sooner or later.

Meanwhile, the second retreat away from home for Cagliari in view of the start of the Italian Cup and the championship. The team met yesterday morning in Asseminello and then left in Aritzo. With the coach Leonardo Semplici and the staff there are twenty-five players. The injured Rog is missing, while, compared to the trip to Augusta, there is also Tripaldelli. Godin and Farias remained to train in Cagliari instead. For the defender and the attacker, the future should be far from Sardinia. But, at least for the Uruguayan, the last word is not said. In the meantime, Faragò has begun his path of re-athletization: he could also be useful. The team is training at the Aritzo Wind Stadium. Good news from Ceppitelli: the defender, deployed last Saturday only in the second half, regularly worked with his teammates. Pavoletti, who was not there against Augsburg, worked separately to dispose of the fatigue.

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Today a double session. Tomorrow instead a friendly match against Olbia. Cagliari will then continue training in Assemini in view of the departure for Spain for the friendly match with Mallorca, a team that plays in the La Liga.

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