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Naples, De Laurentiis: ‘I will build a new stadium in Bagnoli’

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Naples, De Laurentiis: ‘I will build a new stadium in Bagnoli’

“I won’t redo the Fuorigrotta plant, but I will build a new stadium in Bagnoli“, he announces Aurelio De Laurentiis. The president of Napoli has denied the rumors that have circulated in recent days about the possibility of renovating the “Diego Armando Maradona” stadium without the athletics track. A hypothesis circulated in view of the European Championships 2032, which Italy will host together with Turkey.

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“First stone in 2025, debut in 2027”

The owner of Napoli explained to Sky Sport the reasons for his choice: “There was an intention to redevelop the current facility and the Zavanella architecture studio had been reflecting on the hypotheses for a month, we also did an inspection together. To do this, however, a new stadium would have had to be built inside the Maradona to bring all the stands closer to the pitch and this would have meant that Napoli had to play three years outside the city. As I asked Zavanella to design a very modern stadium and to Mayor Manfredi to want to assist this project of mine”. The chosen area would be located in the neighborhood Bagnoli, home to a famous steel plant decommissioned in 1992. De Laurentiis already prophesies the date of the first match: “With the reclamation of the area started in October, which will continue for another 18 months, I plan to lay the first stone in 2025 and to play the first match on July 15, 2027, we will all arrive by sea for a big party. There will be 60 thousand of us and it will be an inauguration worthy of Hollywood.”

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