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Naples, DeLa and Gattuso give the charge – Sport

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Napoli prepares the redemption mission. Tomorrow afternoon on the Sampdoria field, the Azzurri will have to forget the Turin defeat against Juve and continue their run-up to fourth place. Objective considered minimum at the beginning of the season, detaching the ticket for the next Champions League would be vital for the future of the blue club. All reiterated by Aurelio de Laurentiis a Gennaro Gattuso in the telephone conversation between the two. Putting aside the poisons of last January, the blue patron sounded the charge to the Calabrian technician who promptly transferred the message to his locker room. Gattuso asked the team to file the ko in Turin, but restarting from the second half which was more than positive offered by the Azzurri troops despite the bitter result.
Grit and personality will be the fundamental ingredients, against a Sampdoria with its hands on the permanence in Serie A and therefore free from any hassle of the classification. Gattuso will restart from 4-2-3-1 but above all by exploiting the indications from the Allianz Stadium match.
THE DAY. Today 3 pm: Spezia-Crotone; 6 pm: Parma-Milan; 8.45 pm: Udinese-Turin; tomorrow at 12.30: Inter-Cagliari; 15 hours: Juventus-Genoa, Sampdoria-Naples, Verona-Lazio; 6 pm: Rome-Bologna; 8.45 pm: Fiorentina-Atalanta; Monday, 8.45 pm: Benevento-Sassuolo.
RANKING. Inter 71, Milan 60, Juventus 59, Atalanta 58, Naples 56, Lazio * 52, Rome 51, Verona 41, Sassuolo 40, Sampdoria 36, ​​Bologna 34, Udinese 33, Genoa 32, Fiorentina and Benevento 30, Spezia 29, Turin * 24, Cagliari 22, Parma 20, Crotone 15. * one race less.
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