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National Football Sharjah first training Zhang Linpeng absent Li Tie to strengthen physical fitness to increase speed and intensity_training class

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Original title: Zhang Linpeng absent from Sharjah National Football Team’s first training

On the evening of September 13th local time in Sharjah, the national football team went to the Sharjah Club training ground for the first outdoor training class after arriving in the UAE. The whole training lasted for one and a half hours, focusing on physical arousal, recovery and physical reserve, except for Zhang Linpeng All the other 30 players participated in the training. Zhang Linpeng can only stay in the hotel to follow the team doctor for recovery training due to a lumbar injury. However, the prospects of his participation in the two group matches in October are generally optimistic within the national football team.

The National Football team used the Sharjah Club’s secondary court for this training. Since the UAE League is currently open, the main court is reserved for the club’s first team. Fortunately, the secondary court has very good conditions and can fully cope with the daily training of the National Football Team. . At present, the weather in the UAE is still relatively hot, especially during the day when the temperature is still as high as 40 degrees. The morning training of the national football team is basically arranged in the hotel power room, and only outdoor training is conducted at night.

According to the plan, the training of the national football team in the early stage is still mainly based on physical fitness. Later, the technical and tactical exercises will be started, and some warm-up matches will be arranged. High speed, high intensity, and large amount of exercise will become the basic requirements of the daily training of the national football team. At present, the Chinese Football Association is actively contacting high-level teams to warm up with the national football team. However, in the absence of implementation of the warm-up match, the national football team may use internal confrontation to test the training results.

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In terms of injuries, in addition to Zhang Linpeng, Guo Tianyu, Wang Qiuming, Li Lei and others have fully recovered and started to follow the team’s training rhythm. (Sohu Sports Pei Li)Return to Sohu to see more


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