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National Football Team’s first training in Doha, Wu Lei participates in joint training: the state is very good and confident

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The first training of the National Football Team in Doha, Wu Lei participates in the joint training: the state is very good and confidentFly into the homes of ordinary people

After arriving in Doha, Qatar, the Chinese men’s football team successfully passed the local nucleic acid test. They started their first training session yesterday. Wu Lei, who is not far away from La Liga, the “king of the king” also participated in the first training. Wu Lei was full of confidence when he talked about facing the strong enemy Australia in the first game, “Believe that we can compete with them.”

Caption: Official picture of Wu Lei (left) in the training camp

At 2 o’clock in the morning on September 3, Beijing time, the Chinese team will compete with the Australian team in the first match of the top 12. From the perspective of strength and past record, the Australian team clearly has an advantage. However, this time, compared to the Chinese team, Australia has been unable to finalize the list for a long time, and the itinerary to Doha is yet to be determined. Therefore, the Chinese team that quickly completed the assembly has the advantage of waiting for work to a certain extent.

Although the intensity of the entire training session is not high, and the main focus is on physical recovery, the players are already sweating, highlighting the power of Doha in the hot weather.

“Every time I return to the national team, I feel very happy and excited. I am also looking forward to the game.” Wu Lei played nearly 90 minutes in the first two La Liga matches, plus the only one hour time difference between Barcelona and Doha. The current physical condition is likely to be the player closest to the standard of the game. “After the last national team game, I took a rest for about two weeks. I went back and played the league normally until now. My condition is still quite good. All aspects of physical fitness are well reserved.”

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Wu Lei also explained the reason why he left the Espanyol team early: “This is also the result of the communication between the national team and the club. After all, the first two games of the top 12 are very important. I hope that we can make a good start. So the two sides discussed it, I am ahead of time. Returning to the team for two days to prepare so that I can have more time to prepare for the game against the Australian team. The national team is very important to me.”

Wu Lei believes that mentality adjustment is very important in the competition. “The key is to look at ourselves. The topic of the top 12 games will be more talked about by the outside world. In the end, it depends on how we adjust our mentality. We should let go of our psychological baggage. Regardless of whether the first two games went smoothly or not, our mentality was the same. Keep it well.” (Xinmin Evening News reporter Guan Yin)

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