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Nations League roundup: Hungary beats England, Germany beat Italy

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Nations League roundup: Hungary beats England, Germany beat Italy

  Original title: European League of Nations roundup: Hungary beat England, Germany beat Italy

Last year’s European Championship final two teams England and Italy both suffered defeats in the UEFA Nations League on the 14th. The “Three Lions” lost to Hungary 0:4 at home, and the “Zezzi” was repelled by Germany 5:2.

At home in Hungary 10 days ago, England lost 0-1. Now back at home, I didn’t expect them to lose even more. Although the heavily rotated lineup made the “Three Lions” look more dynamic than when they played against Italy in the last round, Hungary, who had only 7 shots in the game, managed to shoot efficiently in the face of the somewhat chaotic England defense, taking 4 away Goal and keep the top spot in the group.

In the 16th minute, Shaolai volleyed to give the visiting team the lead. England’s attack was not only weak, but the defense also fell off the chain late in the game. Phillips conceded the ball and made Shalloi another victory in the 70th minute. After that, Hungary scored twice, England only Kane hit the post with a shot and defender Stones was sent off.

On the same day, Germany pierced the city of European champion Italy 5 times at home, and the last time the “Zuzzi” conceded 5 or more goals in a single game dates back to 1957.

Germany relied on Kimmich’s close-range shot in the 10th minute to take the lead. In the first half stoppage time, Gundogan hit a penalty kick to expand the score. Changing sides to fight again, first Muller half-volleyed the score to 3:0, and then Werner scored two consecutive games in the 68th and 69th minutes. Italy recovered two goals at the last minute, but it was irrelevant.

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As a result, after 4 rounds of the third group of the A-League, Hungary leads with 7 points. Germany and Italy scored 6 and 5 points respectively, while England, with 2 draws and 2 losses, finished last with 2 points.

In the fourth group, Belgium beat Poland 1:0 away, and the Netherlands defeated Wales 3:2 with Depay’s stoppage time goal. The “Orange Legion” with 10 points continued to lead, and Belgium ranked second with a difference of 3 points. (Reporter Zhang Wei)

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