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[News Highlights]CGTN vents its ugliness, or Xi Jinping encounters a good opportunity? | Zhang Gaoli | Huang Mingzhi

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[Epoch Times November 18, 2021]Hello everyone, and welcome everyone to pay attention to “News Highlights”. I am Li Muyang. Today is November 18th (Thursday) Eastern Time, and November 19th (Friday) Asian Time.

Today’s focus: Peng Shuai’s “email” denies sexual assault? CGTN vents its ugliness; Xi Jinping has a rare opportunity and catches Zhang Gaoli with one stone. Will Xi do great things? Why are you apologizing? Huang Mingzhi responded to the insult to Hua; the “repeated offenders” were moved by netizens, and freedom needs to be fought for.

60 seconds news

On the 18th, Taiwan’s “Taiwan Representative Office in Lithuania” was formally established and put into operation. Huang Junyao, the current representative of Taiwan in Latvia, will be the first representative in Lithuania.

On the 16th, three Chinese coast guard ships used water cannons to illegally stop two Philippine supply ships. Philippine Foreign Minister Rohin stated in a statement on the 18th that “in the strongest terms” expressed “anger, condemnation and protest” to the Chinese Communist Party’s Ambassador Huang Xilian and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The cleaner at the house of Israeli Defense Minister Gantz was charged with espionage on the 18th. He is suspected of collecting information for the Iran-related hacking organization “Shadow”. The Israeli National Security Agency stated that the suspect did not have a “confidential file” and the information was not leaked.

India and the Chinese Communist Party held the 23rd round of border dispute negotiations on the 18th. The two sides agreed to find the remaining border conflict points as soon as possible, to end the confrontation and avoid gunfire. The two sides also agreed to hold the 14th round of the commander-level meeting as soon as possible.

The Kremlin said on the 18th that the Secretary-General of the Russian National Security Council Nikolai Patrushev and the US National Security Advisor Sullivan had a phone call on the 17th to prepare for the summit between the two countries.

As of 2 p.m. Eastern time on November 18th, the number of newly diagnosed CCP viruses (Wuhan virus, new crown virus) worldwide was 62 thousand,274, and the total number of confirmed cases reached 255,692,716; 8,935 people died in a single day. The cumulative total number of deaths is 5.138355.

Let’s enter today’s topic. The Chinese Communist Party’s official media released an email purportedly written by Chinese female tennis star Peng Shuai, presumably in the sense of “reporting safety”, denying Zhang Gaoli’s allegations of sexual assault against her. This incident was probably done by someone in the CCP under the name of Peng Shuai. But a coin has two sides. This incident is extremely detrimental to the CCP and Zhang Gaoli, but to Xi Jinping, it is a rare opportunity.

The creator of “Glass Heart” Huang Mingzhi blew himself up for being arrested and imprisoned many times, but he never changed his ambitions. He believes that freedom is not a charity of others, and that you have to fight for it on your own.

Sexual assault is not a fact?Simon is more worried about Peng Shuai

In the early morning of today (18th) local time, the Global Television Network CGTN, a subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party CCTV, issued an English tweet, which showed a screenshot of an “mail” written to Simon, the president of the International Women’s Tennis Association WTA.

The email read, “Hello everyone, this is Peng Shuai. The news content recently published on the WTA official website has not been confirmed with me, nor has I obtained my own confirmation, and it was published without my consent.”

The email stated, “The news released is not factual, including allegations of sexual assault. I am not missing or unsafe. I just rested at home and everything is fine. Thank you for your concern.” The email also stated that if WTA Any statement about her in the future will require her consent and so on.

WTA CEO Simon responded immediately, doubting the authenticity of this email, and even more worried about Peng Shuai’s safety.

Simon said in the statement, “The statement about Peng Shuai issued by the Chinese (Chinese Communist Party) official media today only makes me worry about her safety and whereabouts. I can hardly believe that Peng Shuai really wrote me emails, and I don’t believe this either. content.”

Simon said that they (the CCP) must allow Peng Shuai to speak freely, without being intimidated or intimidated by any parties. Peng Shuai’s allegations of sexual assault must be respected, and investigations must be conducted in complete transparency and without review.

Obviously, this so-called “mail” is in response to the call of WTA executive Simon on the 14th. Simon publicly called the Chinese Communist Party authorities to investigate Peng Shuai’s allegations of sexual assault against Zhang Gaoli, instead of censoring Peng Shuai, otherwise the WTA will stop its business in China.

I analyzed at the time that the WTA is likely to withdraw from China because it is impossible for the CCP to publicly investigate Zhang Gaoli’s sexual assault. In fact, the withdrawal of WTA from China will cause great economic losses to WTA. But compared with the economic losses, the CCP’s “weiguangzheng” image has been even more impacted.

Because the WTA’s withdrawal from China will arouse more people’s attention to this matter. People will see that the CCP is an evil regime with a gangster party and a common people. For the CCP, which values ​​the image of “Wei Guangzheng”, it is not as easy as losing some money. Therefore, the CCP does not want the WTA to continue entangled in this matter, and hopes to quickly turn it over.

But we have already said that if the CCP does nothing, it would be better to wait quietly for death. As long as it does what it does, it will be even more embarrassing. As far as this so-called email is concerned, the level of fraud by the CCP is too low, and it makes people feel embarrassed that no one is available to the CCP.

I support Peng Shuai to sue WTA

This email written in the tone of “Peng Shuai” stated that the content released by WTA is not fact, including allegations of sexual assault, and it has not been confirmed by “Peng Shuai”. These statements seem relaxed, but in fact they are very serious allegations. This is equivalent to saying that WTA is spreading rumors and seriously infringed the reputation of “Peng Shuai”.

I don’t know what everyone thinks. In my mind, Chinese people, especially Chinese women, value their reputation very much. So I think that Peng Shuai should stand up and protect his reputation right from infringement by law.

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If you can sue the WTA in a foreign court, it would be better. If you can’t file a lawsuit abroad, you must also sue the WTA in a domestic court under the supervision of the media. After all, a woman’s reputation matters, so I support Peng Shuai to come forward publicly and take the WTA to court.

But what is regrettable is that “Peng Shuai” did not take up legal weapons, and just sent an “email” to lightly deal with the WTA’s “serious violation of reputation” issue.

Everyone should know that I am using an ironic statement. What I mean is that the email is probably not written by Peng Shuai, and the meaning in it is not what Peng Shuai meant. If it was what Peng Shuai meant, then as long as she appeared publicly, all “rumors” would come to an abrupt end.

And since Peng Shuai broke the news on Weibo that Zhang Gaoli had sexually assaulted her, half a month has passed. No one in the outside world knows where she is and what the specific situation is. So the outside world is worried about Peng Shuai’s safety and worried that she might be “evaporated” by the CCP.

CGTN vents its ugliness, the CCP intends to intimidate

Looking at this so-called “mail” again, a netizen found a problem. In the email screenshot, there is a gray vertical bar in the middle of the English word “and” in the third line. A netizen wrote in a reply to CGTN, “Did she (you) forget to press’send’? We can all see the cursor.”

Friends who frequently use email know that if it is sent out, the “typing cursor” cannot be seen. If you can see the “typing cursor”, it proves that the email is still being edited and has not been sent.

In other words, the screenshots posted by CGTN were taken before the email was “sent”. So this is very strange. Peng Shuai wrote to the WTA. How did the Chinese Communist Party’s official media get the email being edited?

When this happens, the two possibilities are relatively large. One is that the email came from Peng Shuai himself, but Peng Shuai may not be free. There may be other people around her, who are monitoring and threatening her. In other words, if this email was edited by Peng Shuai herself, it is most likely that she wrote it under pressure.

Another possibility is that someone has edited this so-called “email” under the name of Peng Shuai. I think this is more likely. So who is fake Peng Shuai’s name? It is most likely to be a department under the control of the CCP, and the possibility of CGTN is very high.

At about 10 o’clock in the morning, I checked CGTN’s Twitter, and this screenshot was still hanging shamelessly. In the past, many people did not know that CGTN is the CCP’s official media campaign. Now that this embarrassment has occurred, many people have seen its details.

Some netizens said that the CCP really has no one to use. Indeed, only the CCP can do such a low-level and stupid thing. Of course, there is another possibility that the person who edits the email is not incompetent, but deliberately doing so in order to let people notice the background of CGTN’s big foreign propaganda, and see the ugliness and evil of the CCP in this matter.

Former Weibo reviewer Liu Lipeng used this “email” to describe fear. He told Free Asia that this letter was clearly in line with the propaganda language of the Chinese Communist Party’s official media, ignoring existing facts.

Liu Lipeng said, “We normal people write that it is impossible to ignore such a big thing related to ourselves, that is, the long post on Weibo that Peng Shuai accused of sexual assault. The letter completely ignored this matter. There was no mention of Zhang Gaoli. This is what a typical propaganda department sets the tone and writes.”

Liu Lipeng said that the content of the email is only in the language used by the Propaganda Department, and does not involve any sensitive people, and does not mention or imply the long post on Weibo. The CCP Propaganda Department and core state media will ignore some reality and write rigorous wording. Word. For example, he said that normal people write to clarify that they will definitely apologize to Zhang Gaoli, instead of avoiding minefield keywords like “carefully” in emails.

According to Ma Xiaoyue’s analysis by the Institute of Mercator China Research Center in Germany, CGTN’s tweets are another example of the fusion of “incompetence” and “authoritarian arrogance” in the CCP’s official information.

Ma Xiaoyue said, “Information like this is to show power,’We tell you she is good, otherwise what qualifications do you have to say?’ This is not to persuade people, but to intimidate and show the power of the (CCP) country.”

A rare opportunity for the world to pay attention to Peng Shuai and Xi Jinping

But everyone knows that there is a principle of “pros and cons come out at the same time” in this world. After an incident occurs, as far as he is concerned, it has its positive side and its bad side. In addition, the role played by different people may be different. “News Highlights”

Everyone knows that after Peng Shuai was exposed to Zhang Gaoli’s sexual assault on Weibo on November 2nd, the media around the world have paid a lot of attention, and he has been hyped for three or four days in a row.

At that time, I said that this was an opportunity for Xi Jinping to catch Zhang Gaoli and take the lead in the internal struggle of the Chinese Communist Party. Because Zhang Gaoli is an important piece of Jiang Zemin, although he has now retired, he does not have much influence. But grabbing Zhang Gaoli will naturally involve Jiang Zemin who promoted Zhang Gaoli.

These guys are all hooking up the crotch. The arrest of Zhang Gaoli was naturally a heavy blow to Jiang Zemin. This incident actually happened on the eve of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Central Committee, but Xi Jinping did not arrest Zhang Gaoli at the time and lost an opportunity to strike at Jiang Zemin’s faction.

In fact, more than a dozen days have passed, coupled with the Sixth Plenary Session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, so that people’s attention to this matter has weakened a lot. But now CGTN suddenly jumped out, throwing out such a fake email. At once, people once again brought up the degree of concern about Peng Shuai’s sexual assault.

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In addition to the WTA’s attention to Peng Shuai, many famous tennis players have issued statements in support of Peng Shuai. Including men’s world number one Djokovic, American Grand Slam women’s singles 18th champion Ifte and French tennis star Kearney, and so on.

The latest support for Peng Shuai is Naomi Osaka, a tennis sister from Japan and four Grand Slam winners. She wrote in a tweet, “I’m not sure if you’re following the news, but I was recently told that a tennis player’s counterpart revealed that she was sexually assaulted and soon disappeared. (Remarks) censorship is not allowed under any circumstances.” “I am shocked by the current situation”, “I send her (Peng Shuai) love and light”.

At the press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China today (18th), another foreign reporter asked about the Peng Shuai incident, where he was and whether he was free. And also asked if this incident happened when China will host the Winter Olympics, will it affect the image of China (the Chinese Communist Party).

The spokesperson of the Communist Party of China, Zhao Lijian, only said that this is not a diplomatic issue, nor did he know the relevant situation. In the Q&A record posted on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this conversation was also deleted.

It can be seen that the CCP wants to be quiet but windy. The incident of Peng Shuai has been unable to block people’s sight. The entire international community is paying attention to the sexual assault of the top officials of the Chinese Communist Party and the safety of the victim Peng Shuai.

In fact, this is another embarrassment of the CCP, and a huge scandal by Zhang Gaoli. But for Xi Jinping, it is a rare opportunity. If Zhang Gaoli is taken advantage of now, he may at least receive the positive effect of killing three birds with one stone.

Will catching Zhang Gaoli kill three birds with one stone and practice will do great things?

There has been a saying in China since ancient times, “everyone will be punishable by the rebellious officials and thieves.” Zhang Gaoli did a lot of bad things during her tenure, and it has long been exhausted and notorious. If Xi Jinping sends him to prison, he will naturally cheer up the people who have been persecuted by Zhang Gaoli and applaud.

In other words, if Xi Jinping captures Zhang Gaoli, it is likely to win some people’s hearts. This is the first positive effect of the arrest of Zhang Gaoli.

In the program yesterday (17th), we analyzed that around the new resolution of the Sixth Plenary Session, Xi Jinping not only had a split with the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, but also various signs showed that there were not many members of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China who opposed Xi Jinping, and they also Including the CCP army. Friends who are interested can go and watch yesterday’s show.

In other words, Xi Jinping did not take the absolute initiative during the Sixth Plenary Session of the Central Committee. Based on the previous situation, it can be known that the main forces opposed to Xi Jinping are the Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong factions. Zhang Gaoli is an important member of the Jiang faction, and sending him to prison is tantamount to a heavy blow to Jiang Zemin’s faction.

If Xi Jinping arrests Zhang Gaoli now, he can completely change his passive situation during the Sixth Plenary Session of the Central Committee. In other words, through this action, Xi Jinping can regain an important round, turning passive into taking the initiative again. This is the second positive effect that the arrest of Zhang Gaoli will have.

In the past internal affairs and diplomacy, the Beijing authorities had many misjudgments, which caused the international community to have a bad impression of Xi Jinping himself. Some people even equated him with the CCP. This is no wonder, because anyone in the position of the highest leader of the CCP will naturally bear all the CCP’s evils.

If Xi Jinping captures Zhang Gaoli while the international community is paying attention to the Peng Shuai incident, it may be possible for the international community to learn about Xi Jinping from a new perspective. This is the third positive effect.

In addition to these three positive effects, Jinping’s internship may be able to go further and achieve the fourth and most brilliant effect. After Zhang Gaoli was arrested, Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong, the root causes of all crimes, were arrested. But this requires Xi Jinping to be really courageous, the kind of person who does big things.

Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong, these two guys are more than guilty in terms of crime, and they should have been arrested long ago. But Xi Jinping stepped on the brakes in front of these two guys during the climax of the anti-corruption campaign, which led to anti-corruption anti-corruption anticlimactic. This is also the main reason why Xi Jinping has been constantly frustrated during his administration.

If after catching Zhang Gaoli and then catching the two guys Jiang Zeng along the way, Xi Jinping can not only get rid of the constrained situation, but also take advantage of the CCP’s sins on his back.

This is because the CCP’s many crimes were committed by the former CCP leader. However, after Xi Jinping came to power, he did not do anything to deal with the problems of the former party leader and continued the criminal system. Naturally, all the evils of the CCP were borne down. Although this may not be Xi Jinping’s subjective wish, it is true.

And if Jiang Zeng is arrested, even if the CCP’s crimes on his back cannot be completely shaken off, at least the crimes committed by the former CCP leader can be put aside.

To paraphrase a sentence in the “Bible”, “Caesar belongs to Caesar, and God belongs to God.” In other words, whoever is responsible for the sins does not have to bear all the blame for the CCP. But I still said that, this requires Xi Jinping to have real courage, and he has to be someone who does great things. Is Xi Jinping such a person?

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Why are you apologizing? Huang Mingzhi responded to “humiliating China”

In fact, speaking of it, I really admire Huang Mingzhi, who is known as the “Malaysian Genius Musician”. Not because his “Glass Heart” exceeded 30 million views in a month and has been on the hit charts in 9 countries; it was not because his “Drifting North” became his first YouTube hit with over 100 million views. Songs; not because his new work “Outside the Wall” has more than 5.6 million views.

Because Huang Mingzhi said, “I would rather die if you are not free.” He was arrested many times, imprisoned many times, and jailed many times, but he still did not change his aspirations and was pursuing freedom.

The Voice of America had an exclusive interview with Huang Mingzhi yesterday (17th). Through this interview, we can learn more about this Malaysian Chinese creator.

The song “Glass Heart” does not explicitly mention the CCP, but anyone who listens to it will know which country it is referring to. Someone has done statistics, and there are about 20 black humorous stalks related to CCP politics hidden in the song. Huang Mingzhi said that there is a proverb in Malaysia, “Those who eat chili will feel spicy.” “Some people may be seated, it’s because you eat hot peppers that make you feel spicy.”

After “Glass Heart” went online, the “Global Times” immediately labeled Huang Mingzhi as “humiliating China”. Huang Mingzhi said, “I am a Chinese, do I want to insult myself? That’s weird.”

In response to the question of why I did not apologize, Huang Mingzhi said, “I did not do anything wrong, why should I apologize? I use my knowledge of society, or my personal view, freedom of speech. Everyone has different views. It doesn’t mean that it’s because of my different opinions that I was wrong, nor did I say that it was you.”

“Repeated offenders” were moved by netizens and need to fight for freedom

After “Glass Heart” came out, a Chinese netizen named “Sanyantang” made a video. I admire Huang Mingzhi for bravely jumping out to satirize “Today” when the night is falling down and thousands of horses are chatting together. The video also reviewed the history of Huang Mingzhi’s struggle with power, pointing out that Huang Mingzhi “all disputes revolve around two themes: freedom and dignity.”

While watching this video, Huang Mingzhi shed tears. He didn’t expect that a foreigner who never knew his life, a netizen in mainland China knew what he meant by doing so, and his efforts for so many years would be seen.

Huang Mingzhi told VOA, “He said I was not for traffic or money. He saw my efforts behind my back and my sacrifices, because I was in jail many times for these things, was arrested many times, and was imprisoned. Many times. When I was put in jail, the people who sponsored me must have run away. How could I make any dime?”

Huang Mingzhi’s repeated arrests and detentions, to use a term in mainland China, he is a “habitual offender” or “repeated offender.” However, he was really moved by the “Three Eyes Hall” because he really understood Huang Mingzhi and what he did for what he did.

Huang Mingzhi once wrote on his face, “I would rather die if you are not free.” He said that each of his works expresses different content, and not everyone agrees. But in the final analysis, everyone has the freedom of thought and should have more room to express. “I can oppose your opinion, but I respect your right to speak.”

Speaking of “universal values,” he said, “Everyone has their own freedom, and you are not the only ones who give you a charity. When he doesn’t give it, we should fight for it.”

Speaking of this, I think of the message my colleague posted to me a Taiwanese netizen yesterday, and we are all very moved when I read it. This netizen has heard of “Glass Heart” and “Outside the Wall”, and read the comments of many netizens.

This Taiwanese netizen said in a message to us that in the message area of ​​”Glass Heart” and “Outside the Wall”, “Many people from China secretly climbed over the wall just to listen to this song. And many Chinese left a message saying, They couldn’t help tearing up their faces when they heard this song, and they even said earnestly that they actually admire and yearn for freedom very much. The yearning for freedom is human nature.”

Taiwanese netizens told us that some Chinese netizens reluctantly said, “It’s a pity that I grew up in China and I was imprisoned since I was born. I feel that I have no chance to taste the happiness of freedom in this life.”

The message of this mainland netizen made our Taiwan friend “completely uncontrollable” and began to cry in sadness. From this, he also thought of Mu Yang and colleagues in “News Highlights”, and felt the hardship of us pushing down the CCP’s high wall.

This Taiwanese friend said, “You have been very difficult along the way. You have been repeatedly hindered, but you can’t eliminate your perseverance and determination. I want to shout to you again! On the difficult road, we accompany each other and work hard. Hope this day Being able to come will give back freedom to the Chinese people and peace to the whole world.”

Thank you this friend, thank you all the friends who support us. We also believe that freedom does not depend on charity, we must strive for it ourselves. We are willing to work hard for freedom with everyone.

After looking forward to nearly a year, the US-China summit has finally been held. With regard to the meeting between Biden and Xi Jinping, the CCP is vigorously boasting the results achieved. But the fact is that the performance of the two people in Bai Xi did not sing in harmony.

In today’s Hong Kong, let’s talk about US-China relations after the US-China summit. Everyone is welcome to learn more in the member area of ​​YouLok. Our member website URL is http://muyangshow.com, and the other is http://youlucky.biz. Thank you for watching and goodbye.

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