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Pavia in the balance, today the meeting with Dario Scotti race against time to register the team

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Pavia in the balance, today the meeting with Dario Scotti race against time to register the team

President Caserio will propose to the industrialist and main sponsor to join the company. The first Fip installment must be paid by Thursday


Still 72 hours to save Omnia and guarantee the permanence of Serie B basketball in Pavia. On Thursday, in fact, the deadline for registering the team for the next championship expires, with the payment of the first installment to the Federation (4,500 euros, except for previous fees to be paid, in the case of Pavia a total of 13 thousand is reached). fundamental for the future of the company and the planning of the 2022-23 season, while for the 25 thousand euro guarantee there is time until 6 September.

The problem, now well known, is to find new members willing to pay the registration and take over the shares of Gianni Perruchon, the current owner of Omnia who has expressed and reiterated his intention to change hands, keeping only a small portion of the minority, but without operational assignments: this goal is being worked on feverishly. From many sides. Gianmarco Centinaio, senator, undersecretary for agricultural policies works there, working to bring together Perruchon himself and the main sponsors of the last championship, Riso Scotti and Punto Edile, at a table. To Dario Scotti, as to the figure – perhaps the only one, at this moment – who could, with a strengthened commitment, save the shack, looks carefully at Lele Caserio, the president still in office, who today should meet the industrialist of the laughed, offering him entry into society. A key moment in the complex negotiation. Also followed with concern by Palazzo Mezzabarba: «I am in contact with Centinaio – explains the municipal councilor for sport, Pietro Trivi – our hope can only be that of a successful rescue operation. The people of Pavia like basketball, as demonstrated by the over a thousand appearances at the PalaRavizza for the playoffs and the full house at the Broletto for the evening with Dan Peterson. Time is short, but nothing is compromised – underlines Trivi – although I believe that in this phase the personalisms and rivalries that could hinder the achievement of the common goal must be set aside “(the incompatibility between Caserio and Fabio Monastero is no mystery of Punto Edile).

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We must hurry. There is the dead line of July 7 looming. And then there is a market to be made, once the corporate situation has been clarified. The players are waiting for signals, the only one with the suitcases ready is the young playmaker Calzavara, near the Stings Mantova in A2. Ducarello, the coach who brought Pavia one step away from the final, is still free in his Trapani, but an involvement in a less than ambitious project seems unlikely. «The priority – insists team manager Alberto Rai – is to organize a table with Perruchon and the sponsors as soon as possible, that is, those who have the fate of Pavia in their hands. We need to find the 13 thousand euro for the registration, I think we are getting there and the confidence to be able to resolve the issue in a positive way is not lacking “. –

(He cooperated

Maurizio Scorbati)

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