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Protein ice cream, I prepare it when I have little time and a lot of hunger: it makes my day

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Protein ice cream, I prepare it when I have little time and a lot of hunger: it makes my day

Ifood Greek Yogurt Ice Cream

There’s nothing better than protein ice cream to quench hunger pangs. The great thing is that you can eat in quantity without gaining weight.

Il ice-cream it is a food that appeals to anyone and that can be consumed in different ways, but above all as a snack or as a delicious dessert.

According to some studies, the artisanal one is then so balanced that it is considered healthy and genuine. This is confirmed by the website Gelatoartigianale.it, which reported the results of some studies that have been carried out on ice cream with the aim of demonstrating its nutritional characteristics.

From these studies, which focused on 6 different flavors of ice cream, namely chocolate, cream, hazelnut, strawberry, lemon and berries, it was found an excellent proportion between proteins, sugars and carbohydratesconsequently the food itself was considered balanced.

Above all the protein one is then so healthy, that you can easily eat it in large quantities, without running the risk of putting on weight. It is in fact the perfect food to quench the pangs of hunger that take over.

The ideal portion? 150 grams

Protein ice cream is the perfect snack that a person on a diet can consume, because it is a food as healthy as it is good to taste. Furthermore, it is also a refreshing food and therefore perfect to eat even in summer, in moments of great heat when you don’t know how to cool off and quench the pangs of hunger without fearing the judgment of the scales.

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Giuseppe Healty, the Instagram health blogger, believes that you can eat a lot of protein ice cream without the risk of gaining weight. Apparently you can even eat them 150 g, given that such a portion has around 275 kcal. But here’s how to prepare it.

Chocolate ice cream – Ifood.it (photo by Canva)

A quick and easy recipe to make

There are many recipes which show how to prepare good homemade protein ice cream. Among these there is also the one from the recipe club, which explains how to make protein ice cream with fresh fruit.

The recipe in question first involves the creation of a mixture based on bananas, honey, Greek yogurt, proteins and bitter cocoawhich must be prepared by blending the various foods in question and diluting them with soya milk. Secondly, it involves cooling the mixture, which must be placed in the freezer for about an hour, an hour and a half. Then the ice cream is ready to be enjoyed.

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